November 2, 2005

Chrétien: Back In The Spotlight!

Much has been said about Gomery in the past 48 hours, and more will be said in the coming weeks. Rather than offer another opinion, I decided I would talk about one of the more interesting characters in this whole shin-dig, our former Prime-Minister, The Right Honourable Jean Chrétien!
Shawinigan-Man has managed to stay out of the spotlight for the past several months, no doubt gearing up for D-Day (or should I say G-Day?!?!). Watching JC’s animated interaction with reporters yesterday brought back many a happy memory. I used to love watching JC speak with his over exaggerated hand gestures, his level of speech when answering questions (almost sounded like he was yelling), his random anecdotes, humourous comments and overall quirky charm. Yesterday the old Chrétien was back and in fine form. There was even a famous Jean quote, or two. The below examples are maybe not the best but they did make a room of viscous reporters laugh (Ask yourself - what other politician can do that in such a serious press conference?):
Julie Van Dusen - “Paul Martin was exonerated and you were not. What’s going on?
Jean Chrétien – “Ask Gomery!”
Or how ‘bout this one…
Jean Chrétien – “You remember the Clarity Act, everybody was nervous. Even Monsieur Trudeau called me. He said, ‘Jean, are you sure?’ I said, ‘No, I am not sure.’ He said, ‘What will happen if you miss?’ I said, ‘That I will go and practice law with you!”
Here is another zinger…
Jean Chrétien – “If I had decided to go to war with Mr. Bush, today we would not be talking about Gomery report. We would be talking about body bags coming back (from Iraq)"

The man is a political genius when it comes to public speaking, especially when backed into a corner. No matter how much trouble he is in (and he is in deep this time), his “act stupid” approach makes him seem so innocent and, dare I say it, loveable. He is an ‘old school’ type politician who fights on principles and not glossy images. I miss that kind of a leader. Although P-Mart is one of the most well-spoken federal leaders, he is, unfortunately, a little dry for my taste (not nearly as dry and morbid as Mr. Harper, however) . I say it again, I miss Chrétien. But ask me if I am willing to pay $150 million and I would have to quote another former Prime-Minster at a recent Press-Gallery dinner, “Go F*&K Yourself!”

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Blogger James Bowie a dit...

Unquestionably the best speech of Mulroney's career.

11/05/2005 5:28 p.m.  

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