May 26, 2006

Why Can’t Straight People Be Outraged?

The Blue Balls have made wittle Steewen paranoid? So two Mounties are getting hitched and we cant ask the homophobes for a comment?

Can you imagine what Stockwell Day would have said? “Gay Marriage is as impossible as evolution!”

Or Vic Toews? I can’t marry a gay man any more than I could put a hamburger in a hot dog bun. (Ok that one is Reverend Lovejoy, but still hilarious)

My favorite gay basher quote comes off the record from Myron Thompson, commenting on how he won with only 70% in the 2000 election. “It would have been more if it weren’t for the faggots and chinamen.” Stay classy Wild Rose!

So who comes out to crap on the muzzling from the different parties? The resident homosexuals Libby Davies and Scott Brison. I mean, they have the right, and I guess the obligation to call this what it is, stupidity! But what grinds my gears is that we had 80 or more MPs (including Joe Volpe!) who voted for SSM and the only one who comes out to defend the two Mounties getting married is the one who happens to be gay. I expected more people to come to the defense of the rights of these two Canadians.

If I knock the activists for asking the gay politicians be more proud, I think it is only fair the straight ones who believe in gay rights remind Canadians how they feel when other parties are muzzling their members. Be Proud!

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Blogger cat mutant a dit...

This is an issue out of nothing.

I know gay marriage is a very important issue for the gay community. Many Canadians don't have a problem with it. However, many of those Canadians also wouldn't come right out and support it either. I'm not trying to offend anyone, and if I am, I apopogize. All I'm saying is not all the Canadians who support same sex marriage are entirely comfortable with it either.

Also, as for the 80 Liberal MP's that voted for the same sex marriage. I am sure that many of those MP's supported that issue NOT out of personal conviction, but out of political gain. Voting to support such a controversial bill could gain a lot of support in some segments of the population, which would be beneficial to any future leadership contests. My opinion.

Also, I wouldn't bash people who don't support gay marriage. They are entitled to their opinions. Even though it may not conform to the Canadian human rights, this issue is more controversial. Many people have deep religious convictions, and this issue may interfere with their religious beliefs. I know people will be saying "Well they should get with the times...", but the simple fact is that this issue is more controversial than most, because of the conflict with certain religious beliefs.

Understanding is needed on both sides.

5/26/2006 12:55 p.m.  

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