March 16, 2007

NDP Woes Worsening?

Taking a small break from the rising Reform Tide sweeping Quebec because someone forwarded me a link which said Jack Layton needed help getting an ad on TV...

Since when does Jack Layton have trouble getting on TV?

Maybe Pat Martin is right, when the NDP can't even find a willing television camera, they must really be in shit...

More on the Quebec election later...the social credit is back, and they are 30% in the polls here...

Gong show indeed...

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Blogger Demiurge a dit...

That is weird, I've heard the NDP might even have a bigger war chest than the Libs. A lot of Liberals seem very surprised individuals donate to the NDP, is this a technique you guys are unaware of? I know the new campaign finance reform laws hurt you guys but I thought you'd be figuring things out by now... Memo to the Libs: Its not just about Corporate Canada any more.

Do you think there is any chance the dippers will be able to recruit Muclair?

I do kind of hope the PLQ recover, the ADQ are scary and the PQ are annoying but I wouldn't be able to vote for Charest if I lived in Quebec. Way too rightwing. The Liberals in Quebec seem to be right of most other Canadian Liberals. If the Green and QS vote moves I could see it moving to Bosclair. The guy isn't worth it though and he would plunge Canada back into an energy sucking divisive debate. This one seems like it would be worth casting a protest vote over.

3/17/2007 12:19 a.m.  
Blogger Alex Plante a dit...

Charest right-wing ? Explain please.

3/17/2007 11:24 a.m.  
Blogger Christopher Young a dit...

A) You obvisouly never watch french TV - we DO have a lot of trouble getting on TV.

B) Explain Charest is right wing ? Are you kidding me ? What about having to strike to block Suroit, or the 103 millions student aid cuts ? Orford ? The wind power anarchic development in my region ? The multiples "baillons" instead of real debate ? What about his plan to raise university fees of a thousand dollars a year ? What about the fact that he was a frickin' conservative leader, ten years ago ?

Oh, and that's not a right wing problem, but I'm still waiting for the tax cuts/electoral reform/étiquettage des OGM.

Cue to start "other government's fault" tape!

3/17/2007 8:39 p.m.  

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