November 30, 2005

Stephen Harper: retro-man

Am I the only one who gets the sense that Stephen Harper is living in the past? During the last campaign, Harper droned on endlessly about the sponsorship scandal, something that took place under a different régime under the watch of different people.

During that campaign, the spectre of abortion was raised, something that most Canadians thought we had settled long ago. Since then, has spent a year and a half hammering away at new and exciting instances of government corrupti... Erm, the same old sponsorship scandal.

Now, at the beginning of a new election campaign, he has been harping on about (surprise) the sponsorship scandal. Oh, and
now he has added same-sex marriage. But wait a second: wasn't that an issue in the last campaign? Didn't Parliament debate the issue, and support it in a free vote? Harper complains about Cabinet being whipped to support the law, but had ministers really objected to the law, would they not have done as Joe Comuzzi did and resigned their posts to vote against the bill?

The truth is that Stephen Harper is living in the past. He has articulated no vision for Canada. He has brought out no exciting new policies of his own. He just hopes that by pandering to the far right with comments like those on same-sex marriage and trying to paint the Liberals as corrupt using the tired old sponsorship scandal, Canadians will somehow put him in power. Stephen Harper is only looking backwards. Canadians should vote for a party that looks to the future.

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