February 12, 2007

Le Garth Update

Mr. Turner was polite enough to respond to my suggestion that there were ulterior motives to his little show last week.

My intention was not to say that Garth was greedy. I am aware Garth is independently wealthy. I also know the Parliamentary pension is nothing to scoff at. And my source, a former MP collecting it at the moment says you qualify after 6 years of service.

But for some reason, the MSM has decided now to be a good time to read Fuddle Duddle so I had better “issue a clarification”.

I was stating that I found it rather odd that consultation with a citizens’ assembly which yielded a total of zero people saying Garth should become a Liberal is the main reason driving Garth’s decision.

Joining the Liberal caucus was the best chance for Mr. Turner to get re-elected. Facing two established parties with no mechanism to raise money is a death sentence. Also, Garth could not seek the Conservative nomination.

Now Mr. Turner does not have to seek the Liberal nomination either, as he is automatically guaranteed the nomination. This decision was clearly strategic and personal. Just a year ago, several thousand Halton Liberals did not choose Garth Turner. Would he win the nomination? We will never have to find out.

In 2004 Alliance floor-crosser Joe Peschisolido from Richmond lost the Liberal nomination to former Liberal minister Raymond Chan. You need the support of the local people, a test which Turner will never have to face.

Unlike my dear friend
Jason, I believe floor-crossing is perfectly ok. They are members of Parliament not representatives. They are independent people and can choose to do what they please. Garth made the best decision. He made it for himself and with more regards to his personal ambitions then for the well-being of his citizens.

Does that make Garth Turner evil? No, it makes him human.

But for someone who pontificated against David Emerson for making the best strategic decision for himself, a little humility would be nice Garth.

My apologies for making it seem like you are greedy, I just wanted to say that you are indeed human and you are a rational being. There are still some questions I think need to be answered before Halton Liberals give you a free pass. I hope you take the time and answer them.

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Blogger Down & Out in L A a dit...

The first rule of politics is:

Get Elected

The second rule of politics is:

Get Re-Elected

All other actions and strategies should support these two rules.

2/12/2007 11:53 a.m.  
Blogger RepoCreepo a dit...

The end justifies the means for Garth..because its all about Garth.

2/13/2007 3:05 p.m.  

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