February 3, 2006

Kinsella Commission on Rash Decision Making

I was against the Gomery Commission from the beginning. The RCMP does all arresting in these cases anyway; why not leave the investigating up to them. During investigative phases, ridiculous testimony from people like Jean Brault would not have gotten front page coverage. He was discredited, COMPLETELY. Did the media care? No the government almost fell.

I am not gonna blame the media here…they had a story to report, one which should have been verified, but we all know that doesn't matter anyway. The RCMP would have interviewed the same people and came out with a conclusion and arrests based on cases they can actually send to trial.

So let’s recap what 60 million dollars + got us. A bunch of people lying under oath, baseless accusations, money for Ogilvy Renault, entertaining Question Periods, and now a BOOK for profit about the Gomery inquiry while it was going on, incentive to make the results sensational, combined with the cost overruns and the colorful golf balls, will have made this circus just that a circus, a sideshow with entertainment value only.

So in order to prevent people like that from making these kinds of decisions in the future, I am calling for a new commission to be created…the Kinsella Commission on Rash Decision Making. Justice Kinsella is an expert on Canadian Politics, and among his musings are ‘DON’T PANIC!’ and ‘it’s not the scandal that kills you it’s the cover-up’.

Those are two things smarter than Judge Gomery ever said…ok I’m slightly exaggerating. Either way, we have to make sure our leaders don’t go on political suicide missions. Being honest is one thing; jumping out of a plane with no parachute is stupid. Let the RCMP investigate crime. It’s worked for centuries and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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