November 22, 2006

Denise and Antonio’s Usual Hijinx plus Justin Trudeau

Denise and I were up to our usual antics tonight. Mr. Kennedy was at McGill today and he was touting his proposals for party renewal, one of which was to automatically take the main youth priority and make it party policy. Denise and I were across the room at the time eyeing each other. We both knew where this was leading…

Yes for all you non Liberal historians out there, the flagship youth resolution in 2005 was decriminalization of prostitution.

The YLC(Q) in the meantime, has endorsed the Quebec nation resolution, in a vote by its executive, with no opposition, despite the support from all the major camps.

Yes they are two hypothetical situations, but it is possible the youth come up with something crazy like gay marriage (1994) or supporting some agreement called Kyoto (1997)

Denise asked about prostitution, I asked about the nation…would Gerard ever accept these controversial issues automatically…well he said no.

So much for party renewal. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Densie and I were rather satisfied with ourselves teehee.

On another note, I spoke to Justin Trudeau tonight cuz he was at the Kennedy event…I KNOW like omg omg omg omg…JUSTIN TRUDEAU O M G!!!!!

Now that that is over with, I asked him a few questions, the usual, why get involved after not wanting to for so long, because he was asked to be on the renewal commission…

I asked him if he felt like he got a free ride because of his father and he said it made things a little easier but he didn’t wish all this attention on himself.

Lastly, I asked him if he would come to the YLC(Q) and promote Katimavik because after all, we need more programs like Katimavik and everyone can look past leadership for issues like those…

Oh and for fun, I asked him if Tories should care who Ben Mulroney supports (because I have no shame and I am a jackass) He thought that Ben Mulroney was a thoughtful person and that if he ever made the decision to make an informed entry into a debate, that people would listen to what he had to say, because his father was PM and he had many experiences…I then told him some people found that question offensive…He laughed and told me “well some people get agitated a little too easily.”

Indeed Justin…Indeed

More on the Bloc’s brilliant move tomorrow…leave it to them to do something like this…time for people to put money where their mouth is…all candidates (except Martha) support the nation…time for the rest of them to put themselves on the record.

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Blogger Denise B a dit...

You were supposed to give shout-outs for me sporting my pink GK baby-tee!

Sigh, I don't know why I try sometimes.

PS- was it just me or was the debate society a bit intense with the time regulations? I felt like they almost cut him off during his intro, which I found to be addressing some good stuff. GK was classy about it, but I wouldn't have been. Yet another reason I'm not running for leader.

Yeah the Pas! =)

11/22/2006 9:42 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous a dit...

Its good thing that "nation" isn't a youth priority (the JLCQ does not speak for the YLC); and while prostitution is something I would like to see legalized I cant think of higher priorities (marijuana legalization, peaceful foreign policy, etc.)

11/22/2006 10:45 a.m.  
Blogger canuckistanian a dit...

amazing, an iggy supporter talking about jtrudeau and not coming across like a complete asshole...didn't think it was possible. maybe you should be giving advice to alf apps and david peterson and all the other angry little children at iggy hq.

"More on the Bloc's brilliant move tomorrow" (on the quebec nation):
that statement sums up the supporters view of this nation business quite succintly for all LIBERALS!!! when you join the bloc after iggy loses, could you do the rest of us a favour and take jean lapierre, dennis coderre, liza frulla etc with you??? it would be much appreciated.

11/22/2006 1:48 p.m.  
Blogger Denise B a dit...

Yeesh, tough crowd.

11/22/2006 4:38 p.m.  

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