November 21, 2006

Harper’s Guide on How-To-Botch Quebec (Nairobi Edition)

Almost a year ago, Stephen Harper ran around the province of Quebec promising Quebecers everything under the sun, including a place at UNESCO, and solving the fiscal imbalance and you know, EVERYTHING THEY EVER WANTED. It worked. Harper won most of Quebec City.

Everyone knows my position on UNESCO. It is a cultural organization and the francophone minority is the main minority in Canada. Should Quebec get to send somebody? When the issue concerns Quebec? Yes. Should it be automatic? No. Who decides who goes? The Federal Government.

The provinces should be allowed to speak in areas where they have the final say in passing what they are discussing about. It makes sense really. Canada cannot impose a UNESCO decision on any province as the matters discussed there are provincial jurisdiction and the provinces can simply say no. No province deserves special treatment. That is why the federal government, the equalizer of Confederation, should decide who goes.

On the environment, the provinces have no right to speak. Sure it is shared jurisdiction, but Canada clearly has the final say on these things. What could Quebec’s environment minister add except that that Rona Ambrose is a professional communications expert but a lousy Cabinet Minister? Everybody knew that.

This morning the WAAAAAAHM-bulance is back in full force as the sovereigntists, true to form, are complaining that the province of Quebec asked for 45 seconds to speak and were not afforded that time. “Is Quebec not worth 45 seconds?” Michel Gauthier bellowed yesterday in the House of Commons.

Now everybody in Quebec City will wrap themselves in the flag. The common Quebecer doesn’t know the difference between jurisdictions, to them 45 seconds is less than a minute and what is the harm in letting somebody talk for less than a minute? So thank you Stephen Harper, for creating a headache that federalists really did not need in this province right about now. We kind of still have a migraine over something else.

Note: On another note, there is word that some people want to change the nation resolution by shelving it, and sending it to Martin Cauchon before we discuss it. Well, I do not need to tell you why I would be against this, do I? Everybody’s emotions are already running very high on this issue. We need to put it to bed. We must decide if we support the concept that Quebec’s nationhood needs to be recognized or not. Shelving the resolution would be going against the will of the grassroots in Quebec who supported this motion. We cannot ignore the will of the people here. Have some intestinal fortitude. Have a vote! I will be against anything that does not propose voting on this resolution or an amendment in the spirit of the resolution.

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Blogger propatria a dit...

Would you vote that quebecers were a sociological nation instead? With the only territorial borders of said nation being the borders of canada?

11/21/2006 9:00 a.m.  
Blogger WestmountLiberal a dit...

The nation resolution will be shelved. No one in their right mind would let this vote go ahead.
Maybe next time LPCQ.
You heard it here first.

11/21/2006 9:57 a.m.  

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