March 24, 2005

On Brault

Jean Brault certainly knows how to throw a party doesn’t he? The most recent allegations to come out of the Gomery Extravaganza were supposed to be under a publication bad, but if you want yet another reason to hate republicans, here is another one. In a blatant violation of the law, Conservative bloggers seem to believe that linking their site to a site which would be illegal to read in Canada is actually a good thing.

First off, the fact that site is just one side of the story does not mean anything to these moronic spin doctors. The allegations made on that site, which Jane Taber confirms, and by the way Jane, way to be an irresponsible journalist, are totally unfounded. Even if they happen to be true, there is no proof to back up Brault’s allegations. In legal terms we call this hearsay, meaning his word against others.

Back to Brault, the criminal who duped the federal government of millions of dollars, is now trying to blame members of the Liberal Party to save his own ass, which, by the way, is not going to happen. Brault and Chuck Guité have been placed under arrest because they were involved and proved to be involved. Their credibility is limited at best when they describe the situation. Brault could fabricate stories about overheated restaurants but there is nothing illegal about having dinner with a Liberal staffer, in fact I’ve done it many times.

Members of Parliament may have benefited from Brault’s generosity but could they have known it was coming from the Brault-Guité conspiracy. Brault was a member of the Liberal Party and was a Liberal friend. It is no surprise that he would make campaign donations. The only people who knew this illegal scam was going on are Guité and Brault, and other ad-men. When others can prove a minister said something, I will stand up and apologize. At the end of the day, wild accusations will only get Mr. Brault in jail and the Liberal Party as the unfortunate victim of a con artist.