August 10, 2009

Are the NDP and Conservatives Insane?

This morning we hear that NDP bigwig Judy Rebick has a few words to say about the NDP, and Jack Layton including "I have kind of given on the NDP in terms of how they can change" and "the problem is who is running the party, I don't know who is running the party?" Probably realizing how WTF that previous statement was, she went on to blame the backroom boys and girls for trying to make the NDP a mainstream party...(gasp at the thought right?)

Judy is not going to the NDP convention this weekend and has given up on the NDP because even with a weak Liberal leader and a very unpopular government, they only inched ahead. She doubts they will ever be able to get to government. Rebick is known to many NDP supporters and leaners who have seen her on TV and the radio as a host or commentator. You can expect these comments she made coming soon to a 10%er or campaign flyer near you.

A few weeks ago, an article appeared from the Canadian Press touting the leadership abilities of Jason Kenney and his possible future as a Conservative Leader. The article mentioned Kenney's abilities and had a few unnamed anonymous sources musing openly about leadership when the Prime Minister has not even shown a sign of getting off that pot.

I was surprised to see the Tories doing this. Many Tories I spoke to did not dismiss the story. In fact, they either touted their own guy like MacKay, Prentice, even one Maxime Bernier supporter! Many also took the time to bash Jason Kenney. Nobody denied a leadership squabble. Most importantly, NOBODY DEFENDED HARPER.

Many are leaving the PMO and some are beginning to wonder why. One logical answer is they are setting up future leadership campaigns. We saw it with Martin and many Liberals remember how bitter the party became with each other when that open feud ripped open the Liberal Party.


Why two political parties would start launching shots at each other on the cusp of what is likely to be an October election call seems like outright madness. When only one federalist party in Quebec takes on the Bloc, this doesnt end up so well for the sovereigntists either. As the summer ends (did it ever really begin) and the Parliamentary session approaches bet on two things

1) The Liberals will try and pry open these wounds and ignite civil war in the NDP and Conservative Party.

2) If it works, they are pulling the plug on the government and it will be up to somebody else to bail out Harper.