February 28, 2006

Young Liberal Hypocrisy?

Bilingualism in a Leadership Candidate is an absolute must. While some English-Canadians might disagree, I ask: could a candidate ever present themselves for the leadership of the Liberal Party without a proper grasp of English? We are the party that brought in bilingualism; wouldn’t electing a unilingual leader be the equivalent of throwing in the towel? To make my point I write the next little part in French.

(Basically I just say that I once wrote a set of conditions or hoops potential candidates had to jump through, but I forgot bilingualism, and that it would be a shame for the YLC(Q) to tell our membership we support a unilingual English candidate, because we want a truly qualified leader. Now you can skip the French, but if you can read French, I suggest you do!)

Même avec mes efforts à écrire dans les deux langues officielles, je réalise que je ne suis pas Jules Verne avec ma plume. Avec cette course à la chefrie qui s’en vient, il faut que je me demande une question. J’avais mis des pré-conditions pour que la JLC(Q) pourrait se guider en choisissant un candidat. Il y avait l’appui du mariage des conjoints du même sexe, l’appui du droit au femmes au libre-choix, et l’appui du protocol de Kyoto. Mais j’avais oublié une grande chose majeure, et je m’excuse.

Il est impératif que les JLC(Q) ne supportent pas un candidat qui n’est pas bilingue. Imaginez donc le message que les JLC(Q) enverraient à notre membership si on dit : le meilleur candidat pour le rebâtir le Parti Libèral est unilingue anglophone. Quelle horreur! Je ne pourrai plus representer mes concitoyens dans le parti. Et je ne veux pas quelqu’un qui se pense bilingue mais sait juste prononcer des phrases pre-écrites. Je pense qu’il faut mettre la barre plus haute. Notre nouveau chef va se présenter au pays pour devenir Premier Ministre. Il faut qu’on présente un candidat qualifié.

Basically, the Liberal Party must choose someone that can represent the entire country. Imagine the next federal election when the Tories would put up the candidate with better French, from Alberta! At French debate night, the biggest jeer at Harper came when he did not understand one of the questions. We railed on him for it. Now we must accept someone who asked a reporter to repeat the question in English. Remember the hullabaloo when the Tories appointed a francophonie parliamentary secretary who didn’t speak French? Imagine appointing someone for LEADER who doesn’t speak French.

Last time I didn’t target anyone openly, but since rumors continue to swirl within the JLC(Q) about SOME people supporting a certain magnanimous candidate, I have to take my stand. We were elected to represent the rank of file Liberal Youth of the province, most of the young federalists in the province among them. (I said most not all, most, and as of now, it’s still true)

Can you just see the smile on the face of the Young Pequistes when our youth president supports a UNILINGUAL ANGLOPHONE for leadership? I can see André Boisclair playing back a tape “En Anglais s’il vous plaît”. It’s an embarrassment. How can I justify this to my members? How can I still expect the JLC(Q) to stay united behind a unilingual anglophone?

Surely, I am not the only one who is flabbergasted by this whole affair. I’m sure we will all be able to sit down in a room and have coffee, and after this we can still be friends, but as for rallying behind the same person, I am afraid the dream is over. So much for the promise of the exec staying united and interviewing all the candidates. Ah poor naïve Antonio, I guess I really expected her to come through on her promise to let the exec decide as a whole. I was let down. Young Liberals were let down.

February 25, 2006

Emerson has protestors arrested

David Emerson had four of his constituents, peacefully protesting for a meeting with their Member of Parliament, arrested this week and charged with trespassing (http://www.cknw.com/news/news_local.cfm?cat=7428109912&rem=31550&red=80110923aPBIny&wids=410&gi=1&gm=news_local.cfm).

Whereas I understand the frustration that Emerson and his staff must have felt at the protestors’ refusal to leave, particularly several hours after the office’s regular closing time, I think it’s important to discuss an easy alternative to the arrest that Emerson refused to accept.

The sole wish of the constituents was to talk to Emerson on the phone and agree on a time and place to meet, a request to which the office had already agreed but had been unreasonably slow to schedule (particularly given that Emerson is now conducting all his work in BC by flying his advisors to the taxpayer tune of $22 thousand http://www.cknw.com/news/news_local.cfm?cat=74281526912&rem=31408&red=801152623aPBIny&wids=410&gi=1&gm=news_local.cfm)

The constituents were respectful, and I would argue, well within their rights to request a firm meeting commitment from their Member of Parliament, and I find it disappointing that rather than make this phone call to the people he claims to represent, Emerson would prefer to call the police and have them arrested.

Party-switching, whether because of ideological divide or open admittance of a desire to be a government cabinet minister, happens. David Emerson has made his choice, and although I disagree with it, it’s over and done with and I refuse to continue to criticize his reasoning or his thought process.

My concern regarding Emerson extends far beyond that one political maneuver. His floor-crossing decision is indicative of a much larger problem that is slowly uncovering itself through such actions as his refusal to physically represent his constituents in the House of Commons or his willingness to call the police before his voters. David Emerson has no respect his constituents, his role as their Member of Parliament, or the basic function of representative democracy.

I can’t tell if it’s laziness, a general disregard for the lowly peasants of this world, or a Conservative staff that just aren’t nearly as good at hiding the guy’s arrogance, but either way I'm none too impressed.

PS- speaking of incompetence, I *know* there's a way to link words to sites, but the commands don't seem to be working on my mac or with my safari, so if anybody feels like helping out a pseudo/quasi blogger such as myself, feel free to drop me a line... ;_)

February 15, 2006

Ignatieff Right on the Money

"We should appeal to the best in Canadians and not the worst."

I know that is not rocket science but you would expect FPMPM and Co. could have taken a hint or two. Canada is the best country in the world. The Liberals had done so much good for this country. Yet we still went over the top and insulted the military, our greatest ally and largest trading partner, and the intelligence of the Canadian electorate.

"Our campaign ads were a disgrace, an insult to the intelligence of the Canadian voter. We went negative and we had no business doing that. We can't do that again.”

Rick Mercer said it best when he said the Canadian population will take a lot from its politicians but if you treat them like idiots, they will make you the idiot. That’s why this Emerson fiasco will make Harper pay more than he thinks.

The Liberal Party has brought Canada the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Medicare (sorry NDP, but you have to be in government to actually pass things), and now child care. They offered the largest contribution to the social safety net in a generation, and we undermined ourselves by insulting the intelligence of Canadians, telling stay-at-home parents we didn’t trust them with their own money or their own children. We should remind Canadians why they supported us all these years, because once it comes back to them, Harper doesn’t stand a chance.

February 13, 2006

Ezra Levant, pauvre imbécile

Deux évènements sont venus me surprendre aujourd'hui, voire me choquer.

Premièrement, il y a eu la décision d'Ezra Levant, le grand ami de Stephen Harper et ancien candidat du Reform, de publier les caricatures de Mahomet dans sa revue Western Standard. Ezra Levant se targue d'être un grand défenseur des libertés fondamentales, en particulier de la liberté d'expression. Je me rappelle le congrès du Parti Conservateur à Montréal. J'y ai assisté et le Western Standard nous distribuait des macarons "It's the Stupid Charter". On repassera pour les grand défenseurs des libertés fondamentales...

Je concède aux journaux danois que c'est leur droit de publier des caricatures de Mahomet. Je les trouve, certes, de mauvais goût mais qui suis-je pour juger ? Les gens ont le droit d'être imbécile et de mauvais goût s'ils le veulent. Les caricatures ne diffament personne en particulier à moins que Mahomet n'intente une poursuite contre les journaux mais ça me surprendrait beaucoup... Ce que je déplore, par contre, c'est l'entêtement de certains à continuer à jeter de l'huile sur le feu. Les gestes d'Ezra Levant risquent de mettre en péril la sécurité de gens travaillant dans des ambassades canadiennes dans les pays musulmans. M. Harper devrait lever le téléphone et demander à Ezra Levant de cesser ses conneries.

Si nous étions de ces gens qui voient des complots partout (comme plusieurs conservateurs américains), je croirais qu'il y a complot où les ambassades canadiens seraient attaquées et serviraient de prétexte pour aller bras dessus bras dessous avec les Américains en Irak ou en Iran...

Je termine avec une phrase qui m'a fait sourire. C'est une parodie de la maxime du NRA
"Guns don't kill people, Vice-President Cheney does..."


Stand up for Common Sense Vic!

The cartoon controversy has definitely gotten out of hand since I last posted on it. While I agree that the newspaper who published was entitled to do so, they knew the consequences and should have known better than to do something that would enflame the Muslim community.

The governments in question have taken the correct position in protecting the freedom of the press in their countries but in my honest opinion, should have scolded the papers publicly, but imposed no sanction.

What Ezra Levant is doing however is fanning the flames. The Western Standard is reprinting the controversial cartoons, knowing the consequences, and doing it anyway. Maybe Vic Toews should call his buddy Ezra and teach him a lesson or two about inciting violence in Canada, and how it would not be recommended. He must walk the same fine line, saying Ezra is entitled to his right to print but blasting him for having known better. This is sensationalism at its worst. Vic must take a stand.

February 12, 2006

I Pledge Allegiance to the JACK!

Yes mesdames et messieurs, Harpocrisy has been committed by Jumpin Jack and the NDP! Pendant la dernière campagne électorale, Jack Layton avait demandé au voteurs frustrés avec le parti Libéral de voter pour Jack Layton et le NPD.

Maintenant le NPD a bani Buzz Hargrove du Parti, annullant sa carte de membre qu’il avait depuis 41 ans. Pourquoi? Buzz avait appuyé certains candidats Libéraux pour que les Conservateurs gagnaient moins de sièges, il a appuyé un vote stratégique. Maintenant, on met dehors tout ceux qui avaient “stationné” leur vote ailleurs? On appelle cela de l’harpocrisie.

Last election, Jack Layton asked Liberals to “park” their votes with the NDP, just this once. Now that Buzz asked Dippers to park their votes in the Liberal camp to keep out Harper, he is kicked out of the party. So much for freedom of association Jack.

Mayor David Miller supported some Liberal candidates in Toronto, are you gonna revoke his card too?

Harpocrisy indeed.

February 10, 2006


My beloved homeland hosts the Winter Olympics this year. Olympic Hockey is back.

Maybe I won’t care about politics for a while…ok maybe between periods.

John Reynolds a lobbyist....

I came across a very interesting article on John Reynolds' new career. He's lucky the plan he ran the campaign on is not in application as of now because he wouldn't be allowed to become a lobbyist. Here's the link http://bcinto.blogspot.com/2006/02/reynolds-to-feed-at-lobbyist-trough.html

Conservatives promised a change... Canadians got a change, they have got the fastest government to break its promises. It's probably the worst first week of a Canadian government ever. I really hope we get this government out of its misery soon...

If you have a chance to read Garth Turner's blog, it's really good even if the guy is a Conservative MP (for how long). Who knows ? He might cross the floor and sit as an Independent... And please, if Garth is encouraging anyone to buy any shares of a company, don't listen to him... Do a google search on Garth Turner and Nortel.

Talking of Google, I discovered a new "google bomb" today. Type "ken dryden" and see what is the first result that comes up.


February 9, 2006

FIRE Emerson!

Word has leaked that the Liberal government and Industry Minister David Emerson had delayed finalizing a deal over softwood lumber before the imminent election in November because FPMPM wanted to blast George W. Bush.

Martin got punished…Emerson will get to be a hero for completing the deal.

It was mighty convenient for a guy who was gonna become minister in whatever party won anyway to say that we should wait. This is blatant partisan chicanery and it is our softwood lumber producers who are suffering. Shame on the PMO for putting stupidity ahead of Canadian lumber producers…Shame on Emerson for getting his golden parachute no matter which party won.

I would ask the nimrods who came up with the strategy to resign, but the electorate took care of them. How would solving the softwood lumber crisis be bad?

As for Emerson, these are serious charges, and Stephen Harper has to take his new minister to task. An offence this bad is a breach of trust...Emerson should be FIRED!

Denise I am calling today too...but I calling my Cabinet minister, Michael Fortier, he is the regional minister for Montreal nobody voted for...might as well kill two birds with one stone!


February 8, 2006

I know, I know, but I just can't help myself

So I called Emerson's office again today. I had some much better quips planned to try out on the receptionist, but lo and behold it went straight to voicemail (a voice message recorded by a friend of mine who USED to work in Emerson's office- oh the irony), and so I ended up leaving one of the world's longest messages:

"Hi there, my name's Denise Brunsdon. I'm a Young Liberal who also called yesterday. And well, I've thought about it, and I'd actually like David to explain to me why he switched. You know, in person, or over the phone. You see, as someone who helped him out on both of his campaigns, and someone who was working at LPC during most of his "stint" as a Liberal, I think I'm deserving of an apology phone call. So you just tell him that I called and that my new number is XXX-XXXX, and I'll be waiting for a call...

Oh, no, wait, that might not work. You see, no matter how many times I ran into him or did some work for him, he could rarely remember who I was. Occasionally he remembered me according to another staffer I was dating and once I recall he even introduced me to a whole group of people as 'XXXX's girlfriend.' Yeah, I know, classy, eh? So, anyway, it's just occured to me that my request might be a bit of a difficult one given that he might not feel the need to call and apologize to me directly because he doesn't know who I am and he has no appreciation for any of the support I gave him.

Which I guess is what it feels like to be a Van-Kingsway voter.

Anywho, I've got to run, it's been a real slice voice-message machine. Keep it real. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

February 7, 2006

"Minister Emerson's office, how may I help you?"

Below is a brief transcript of an earlier conversation I had with a lovely receptionist for the Oh-so-Honorable David Emerson...

- "Hi, did you say this was MINISTER Emerson's office?"

- "Yes, I did."

- "Great, yeahhh, well my name is Denise and I'm a Young Liberal who worked on the recent campaign and I just wanted David Emerson to know that I think his crossing floor was absolutely despicable and inappropriate and disrespectful and offensive and unethical and geez, I could go on forever..."

- "Well thank you, I'll be sure to pass the message along to Mr. Emerson."

- "Right on, thanks. You rock... and so in conclusion, I guess you rock and he sucks."

- "Thanks miss, have a good day."

- "You too."

I had briefly debated pointing out that whereas Emerson used to be a small-c liberal he's now just a big-L cunt, but I didn't know whether or not the lovely lady on the other end would appreciate the satire.

If you have any time in the next couple of days, feel free to give Emerson's office a call at 604-775-6263 or send him an email to emersd@parl.gc.ca. It feels pretty good. Heck, it felt so good, I might just make another call tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that. Maybe every day until he returns my call. Or resigns. Preferably the latter.

Premiers commentaires sur le nouveau Cabinet Harper

Le nouveau Cabinet de M. Harper est pour le moins surprenant. Oublions le fait qu’il n’y a plus de ministre du multiculturalisme, que seulement six ministres parlent un français acceptable, que les femmes n’occupent que des postes symboliques et que la ministre du Patrimoine Canadien ne parle PAS français.

Ce qui est le plus troublant est certainement la nomination de Michael Fortier au Sénat et au poste de Ministre des Travaux Publics et des Services Gouvernementaux (TPSGC). Il serait important de vous expliquer qui est ce Michael Fortier que seul peu de gens connaissent puisqu’il n’a pas cru bon se présenter et faire face à l’électorat. Il est essentiellement qu’un organisateur du Parti Conservateur. Il est derrière la course à la chefferie de Stephen Harper et l’organisateur en chef de la dernière campagne conservatrice.

Vous rappelez-vous du dernier ministre de TPSGC qui cumulait également les fonctions d’organisateur en chef pour une campagne. Si vous avez suivi la commission Gomery, vous saurez qu’il s’agit bien d’Alfonso Gagliano. Ce dernier regrettait amèrement d’avoir cumulé les deux fonctions car les conflits d’intérêt peuvent paraître nombreux. Travaux Publics et Services Gouvernementaux Canada est responsable de tous les achats du gouvernement fédéral, de tous les ministères. Comment pourra-t-il refuser des faveurs aux lobbyistes qui ont si bravement servi la campagne conservatrice ? Ces mêmes lobbyistes qui représentent des fournisseurs du gouvernement, donc des gens qui traitent avec TPSGC ? On peut se rappeler d’un ancien ministre de travaux publics conservateur que l’on surnommait Ti-Roch, Roch Lasalle. Il avait été impliqué dans de nombreux cas de favoritisme.

M. Harper n’a vraiment rien appris de la commission Gomery et de ce que je considère comme une erreur de M. Chrétien : nommer l’organisateur en chef ministre de TPSGC.

La nomination du Ministre de la Défense fait également sourciller. Je ne doute pas des états de service de Gordon O’Connor à titre de militaire. Il a certainement servi notre pays brillamment. Ce que je déplore c’est son association au monde des lobbyistes. Jusqu’à son élection, M. O’Connor était associé chez Hill and Knowlton Canada et représentait des fournisseurs du domaine militaire. Comment peut-il nous faire croire qu’il ne sera pas reconnaissant envers ses anciens clients qui lui ont permis de si bien gagner sa vie lors des dernières années ? Un nouveau scandale Oerlikon à l’horizon ? Les lobbyistes d’Oerlikon sont Hill and Knowlton…

M. Harper veut empêcher les ministres et leur personnel de travailler comme lobbyistes pendant cinq ans après leur départ du gouvernement plutôt que les 12 mois présentement en vigueur. Il nous explique qu’ils ont encore beaucoup trop de liens avec l’appareil gouvernemental et que du copinage serait possible. Prenons sa logique, comment peut-il nommer un ancien lobbyiste qui n’a quitté son emploi que depuis 18 mois et croire qu’il n’a plus de liens avec son ancienne boîte ? Soit M. Harper est hypocrite, soit il est vraiment crédule…

Le fameux « Ethics Package » dont parlait M. Harper durant la campagne se révèle n’être qu’un écran de fumée. Dix minutes après avoir être arrivé au sommet, il commence déjà à récompenser ses fidèles.


February 6, 2006

A farewell note...

Dear David,

I’ve taken some time to reflect and think about things, and I want you to know that I’m no longer angry. Sure, what you did was selfish, opportunistic, and cowardly, but for the most part, I’m not going to judge you. I’m just disappointed that you lied to me.

I admit that things haven’t been perfect lately, and I noticed that the last few weeks you’ve been getting a little distant, but I didn’t think you would lie to me the way you did.

When people called me this morning to tell me that they saw you with him, I honestly didn’t believe them. “No,” I told them, “there’s no way he’s been sneaking around with Stephen behind my back. Sure, we’ve been going through some tough times, but David’s a good guy. We had a really good talk on January 23rd. He told me that he was committed and wanted to make this situation work.”

But I guess you didn’t. I guess you’re willing to throw what we had away. All the good times, all the fun, all the laughs, all the memories. Remember way back when you decided to get into politics? Remember all the hard-working volunteers who got behind you and believed in you? Remember all the early morning campaign stops, afternoon door-knocking, and late-evening meetings? Remember all the results you and Paul Martin together helped deliver for British Columbia?

But I guess that’s all history now. Yes, I feel used. And I feel lied to. And I feel bitter. But far be it from me to stand between what seems like a perfect pairing. After all, to be fair, you and Stephen have a lot in common. Both of you lied during the campaign- you about your partisan affiliation and him about his commitment to accountability. And both of you are clearly opportunistic and willing to do whatever it takes to win.

So there’s really nothing left to say except that I wish you and he a happy future together. And should you decide to get married, don’t forget which political party you can thank for that right.

Your Liberal voter

And they called Belinda a "dip-stick"....

What a day for democracy! Our newly formed Conservative cabinet has an un-elected Minister and a Liberal defector. Can you say, “Accountable?” David Emerson of all people! Being a British Columbian myself, I had gained a lot of respect for David Emerson, respect that has been lost. And Steve-O, what a guy! For months he has been bashing Belinda’s defection only to encourage and endorse the very same thing TWO WEEKS AFTER AN ELECTION ON THE DAY OF HIS SWEARING IN! Belinda left the Conservative’s on her own free will because she was unhappy with the party. It wasn only after she switched she was given a cabinet seat. Stevie-Boy, on the other hand, admitted that he asked Emerson to leave the Liberals to become a Minister. Is this not the same thing Dosanjh was accused of doing to Gurmant Grewal, and which Harper so outspokenly criticised. What a slap in the face to the Canadian people, including those Conservative MP’s who might have been given the opportunity to be Minster of International Trade – and you know the word “by-election” is definitely not in Harper or Emerson’s vocabulary. I feel sorry for all the donor’s and volunteer’s for Emerson’s campaign. If this doesn’t turn them off politics…

February 4, 2006

Les dessous de la commission Gomery

Pour faire suite au "post" de mon co-blogueur, Antonio, je dois dire que j'ai été estomaqué d'apprendre que le porte-parole de la commission Gomery allait publier un livre sur les dessous de la commission.

Le même homme avait qualifié de "délit d'initié" qu'un un collaborateur du commissaire puisse publier un livre sur les travaux de la commission. Pour ajouter l'insulte à l'injure, le nouveau pape de la vertu à Ottawa, John Gomery, signera la préface de l'ouvrage en question.

En plus d'avoir coûté près de 300 000$ pour un an de travail, François Perreault engrangera un cachet intéressant pour nous dévoiler ce qu'il se passait dans les coulisses de la commission. Prenait-il des notes, pour son futur manuscrit, alors qu'il facturait, au public canadien, ses généreux honoraires ?

Les dessous de la commission d'enquête sur le programme des commandites et les activités publicitaires n'ont rien de vertueux. Les avocats ont été choisis de façon non-concurentielle même si les honoraires de Me Roy ont dépassé le million de dollars, même chose pour ses collègues Me Neil Finkelstein et Me Guy Cournoyer. Il peut être intéressant de noter que Me Roy et Mlle Stella Gomery, la fille du juge, sont tous deux partenaires chez Ogilvy Renault. Une autre coïncidence, bien évidemment. Les dépassements de coûts ont de loin dépassé les quarante millions manquants suite aux dérapages entourant le programme des commandites.

Pour restaurer la crédibilité des travaux de la commission, M. Perreault et le juge devraient remettre les profits du livre au gouvernement canadien qui a payé pour les heures facturées pendant lesquelles le porte-parole prenait des notes pour son livre. Peut-être, réussirions-nous à avoir un certain retour sur l'investissement.

Pour la plupart, les recommandations du juge Gomery ne valent pas le papier sur lesquelles elles ont été écrites. Elles sont franchement méprisantes envers la fonction publique canadienne. On voit clairement que M. Gomery ne comprend que bien peu de choses au sujet du fonctionnement de l'État canadien. Ses recommandations risqueraient de complètement paralyser le fonctionnement de l'État.

Les recommandations feront l'objet d'un autre article, où je prendrai le temps de les décortiquer une par une.


February 3, 2006

Kinsella Commission on Rash Decision Making

I was against the Gomery Commission from the beginning. The RCMP does all arresting in these cases anyway; why not leave the investigating up to them. During investigative phases, ridiculous testimony from people like Jean Brault would not have gotten front page coverage. He was discredited, COMPLETELY. Did the media care? No the government almost fell.

I am not gonna blame the media here…they had a story to report, one which should have been verified, but we all know that doesn't matter anyway. The RCMP would have interviewed the same people and came out with a conclusion and arrests based on cases they can actually send to trial.

So let’s recap what 60 million dollars + got us. A bunch of people lying under oath, baseless accusations, money for Ogilvy Renault, entertaining Question Periods, and now a BOOK for profit about the Gomery inquiry while it was going on, incentive to make the results sensational, combined with the cost overruns and the colorful golf balls, will have made this circus just that a circus, a sideshow with entertainment value only.

So in order to prevent people like that from making these kinds of decisions in the future, I am calling for a new commission to be created…the Kinsella Commission on Rash Decision Making. Justice Kinsella is an expert on Canadian Politics, and among his musings are ‘DON’T PANIC!’ and ‘it’s not the scandal that kills you it’s the cover-up’.

Those are two things smarter than Judge Gomery ever said…ok I’m slightly exaggerating. Either way, we have to make sure our leaders don’t go on political suicide missions. Being honest is one thing; jumping out of a plane with no parachute is stupid. Let the RCMP investigate crime. It’s worked for centuries and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

February 1, 2006

Clear Picture!

Something significant happened January 23rd. Quebeckers told Paul Martin that the Liberals are NOT the only federalist option in Quebec anymore; the Conservatives are back. 27% of the province voted Tory. Time for the tories to come out of hiding.

The PLQ is a federalist coalition, of liberals and conservatives, and technically NDP people too but who cares, they don’t exist in Quebec. The Original Message said Bravo! And I congratulated the PLQ for defeating 8 Blocquistes (YAY!) and 2 Liberals whose seats were gonna go Bloc (less yay! But still yay!) Support for sovereignty is now in the mid-30s. It is a cause for celebration for federalists!

Jean Charest had supported Stephen Harper’s plans for Quebec, its no secret jean Charest is a Conservative just like Gordon Campbell, whose BC Liberals are in a similar coalition in BC against the NDP there.

It was not a slight against Simon or the PLQ. However, this election, we were told by students that the Liberals wanted to raise tuition and the Liberals wanted to ban G-Strings, that we were conservative and out of touch!

That is why the general population is owed an explanation that the PLQ is a federalist coalition with Liberal and Conservative members in an effort to fight the PQ, a noble cause. However, the LPC image is being rebuilt in this province and we want nothing to do the two previous policies mentioned above.

Like it or not Stephen Harper is the defender of the federal government for the time being. (I know it makes some people cringe, me too!) However, people like Simon Begin, president of the youth commission of the PLQ will work with him. People like myself, a card-carrying member of this federalist coalition, will have to work with too.

The Right to Blasphemy

Interesting issue over in Denmark, a Danish newspaper has published pictures depicting the prophet Muhammad. Apparently, the Muslim faith prohibits the depiction of their prophet and this has sparked protest.

I have gotten in some hot water for pictures I have published in my day but my question to these protesters is:

The west offers opportunities to work and integration into their society but when a European country does not adopt a Muslim custom, it should be reprimanded?

I suggest they come back and talk to me when two guys can get married in Saudi Arabia.