June 4, 2010

Just do better!

Enough of this coalition talk. The Liberal party governed Canada for most of the last century due in part to the swagger they displayed while governing. The Liberals knew what was good for Canadians. People called it arrogant, but it also came with results.

We all know the Liberals have done this country a great service. Liberals governed with the NDP for 2 years in the 1970s because they had to, not because they wanted to.

If the LPC had no chance to win any elections until the end of time, I would consider a coalition. Until then, lets cross that bridge when we get there.

I was a vocal opponent of the comments made by the current president of the Young Liberals of Canada. I respect him. We disagree all the time. That is probably why I consider him a good friend. We can tell the other person when their shit stinks.

The media is looking for a sexy story and the G8 security boondoggle isn’t nearly as interesting as the two opposition parties merging. But wait you say. Sam never talked about a merge. I know! But Harper did and the media ran with it.

Jane Taber wanted to keep the story alive and she did just that. The Liberals had to disavow Sam’s statement. The party started throwing rocks at each other (in public) again. Overall, it let Harper off the hook. Was it done purposefully? I doubt it. However, the results were predictable, with the story still alive today thanks to has-been Scott Reid’s quixotic (h/t Jeff Jedras) rant against a merge in today’s Globe and Mail.

Let me clarify a couple of things. A merger is off the table. However, a pre-election coalition IS a merger for all intents and purposes. Since all these talks are PRECEDING an election, it’s not hard to see why everybody put two and two together.

Second, a party that gets rejected by voters should not get to form government. Labour and the Lib Dems could have formed their own coalition. Gordon Brown wasn’t interested because he got the message from the electorate. Harper should be allowed to govern in another minority should the situation arise.

What is the solution? Work harder. The Young Liberals have been devoid of meaningful policy since Star Wars was defeated back in 2005 (with a big helping hand from the LPC’s other major policy organ, the Women’s Commission, whose Quebec wing ALL love Fuddle Duddle! Hello ladies!)

We passed a resolution that year spearheaded by former Fuddle Duddle contributor Denise Brunsdon. Bold policy that wasn’t always accepted by the party, but it kept the chains moving so to speak. I haven’t seen one major policy initiative since 2006 from the YLC.

It took a lot of hard work to build the LPC. It is going to take a lot of hard work to get it back. We need to all make a pledge today to DO BETTER. We need to do our best to do better.

Today, I, Anthony Di Domizio, pledge to do better.