September 30, 2005


Being VP Policy does have its perks
You get to take crazy positions and speak on behalf of the JLCQ which makes many people wonder why somebody would entrust that to me anyway.

Sometimes things get a little controversial so hehe i keep them to myself

or they mysteriously appear elsewhere at

The House is back in action and so is Fuddle Duddle

Throughout the break, we had our first policy convention, a PLQ convention, and various other events. However, the issues have been bottling up and it’s time to let loose in

Antonio’s Fall Extravaganza of controversial Quotes

Where do I start…

Star Académie
The PQ leadership race is nothing more than a joke…of my three main contenders, only Golden Bowl Pauline Marois actually presented herself. Brig and I went to the campaign launch in a bathhouse…watching Marois in an empty pool seemed kind of ironic

So Andre Boisclair does coke…personally I always preferred Pepsi but everyone makes their own decisions. He does coke as a young man (ahem 35) and his numbers go up that means I got 13 more years of experimentation before I am no longer considered young…oh the possibilities

Stephen Harper

Harper is showing everyone that he will never wear this cowboy suit ever again after all the hamburgers he ate this summer. He stayed quiet mostly throughout only coming out of hiding to re-affirm he is the leader of the cult errr party and that nobody may challenge him. Of course as is anyone…Darth Vader was extremely excited to meet me…in this pic he KNOWS I’m a Liberal. He’ll be pissing me off soon enough.

CROQ Quebecois

They protest Michaëlle Jean’s nomination and expect me to give them space in this post. YA RIGHT

Benoit Pelletier

This dude is Jean Charest`s intergovernmental affairs minister. After touring some destinations across Canada, he determined that Canadians dislike Quebeckers. I hate to be the bearer of bad news Benoit but I think its pretty safe Canadians like you as much as quebeckers do, which is not very much. Another united Canadian opinion.

Jumpin Jack Layton



Now that that’s off my chest I can go back to doing constructive things with my time like getting high with PQ Leadership.

- Antonio