December 19, 2008

It’s a Red Christmas This Year

Stephen Harper’s days as Prime Minister are numbered.

The incompetence that Canadians have seen since the Fall Economic Update multiplies daily.

Harper clearly does not know what he is doing. Neither does deficit Jim.

THREE WEEKS AGO, we had a surplus and were gonna weather the economic crisis just fine. Everybody knew that was bogus and Don Quixote found his lance, got on his horse and charged straight at the heart of this spinning windmill.

Luckily, the Liberals left Don Quixote at the windmill, and now patiently wait for Harper, Flaherty, Clement, et al. to continue contradicting themselves over the holidays.

Stephen Harper will also create jobs over the holidays. 18 of them. For Tory stalwarts. That should go swimmingly well. Canadians won’t have any of it. As soon as they get the chance, Harper is toast.


December 9, 2008

Tous Ensemble…After Christmas

I’ve kept my mouth shut over the past week.

I was watching Stephen Harper’s manufactured unity crisis play out in Quebec, where Pauline Marois was 4 seats away from snatching victory away from Jean Charest, denying him a majority.

Harper’s antics did have a few benefits. He got rid of the greatest asset to the Conservative Party, Stephane Dion.

As Elizabeth Thompson intelligently pointed out today, Ignatieff has a way of getting under Harper’s skin. If the government survives, we can begin to see a chess match develop.

I am absolutely over the moon that Ignatieff is leader. DUH! You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face today, no matter what happened. After the rage of December 2nd 2006, the pain, the tears, the devastated look on the faces of all my friends, today felt great.

Thinking of that fateful afternoon in Montreal, I understand the rage that the Ignatieff detractors are feeling today. It is asking too much to expect everyone to swallow this and “rally behind the leader”. That is why Liberals had to get this done quickly. They needed to ensure that people had a bit of time to recover.

So to all the people who think that this “travesty” means you are going to leave the party, take a deep breath. Take the holidays to think it over. In 5 weeks, the Liberals will take a major step. They have a chance to defeat Harper and take power. The LPC cannot go into this critical phase divided. Internal strife has cost this party far too much.

So let’s put tous ensemble on hold for a few days. Take time to think it over. After Christmas decide whether its time to fish or cut bait. The Liberal Party needs to stop dicking around.


December 1, 2008


New Liberal Democrat Bloc Anybody but Harper temporary ad hoc rainbow coalition.

Everyone has been griping that Harper is Satan and so on. Time to do something about it.

As for Ignatieff as the leader of the coalition, this would just be icing on the cake. Sucks for all the Rae and Leblanc supporters. However, it was Bob Rae who gathered everyone together Sunday to hammer out this deal.

Even Bob knew he couldn’t be Prime Minister right now. In fact, with a collapsing economy, getting him as far away from the financial levers is probably the best option anyway.

Morning edit: seems that Bob Rae will not roll over and die. Caucus may have to do that for him...makes you wonder why Ivison didnt bother calling Bob Rae...

Canada will be in good hands, even if we have a Minister of Working Families, Minister of Bank Fees, and Minister of Jack!

Change is coming. But for now, the NLDBABHTAHRC is taking over!