December 29, 2006

Un avant-goût du Bye Bye

Voici un cadeau pour les lecteurs francophones. J'ai fait Génies en Herbe pendant mon passage à l'école secondaire et ce vidéo me fait bien rire.

December 28, 2006

Top 1 Reason Jason Cherniak Misunderstands Quebec

Jason’s Listing of Harper’s Top 10 Mistakes include:

3) Raising expectations on the "Fiscal Imbalance";

8) The Québécois Nation;

So…the two biggest steps for federalism in 10 years (since the Clarity Act) are considered mistakes…if we campaign on these so-called mistakes next election, then we are in much bigger trouble than I thought…

Ironically, catering to Quebec is bad, but catering to Ontario is good…reason number 7

7) All but ignoring Dalton McGuinty and the needs of Ontario;

Favoring Quebec = 2 mistakes Not Favoring Ontario = Mistake

No mention of cuts to social programs or the status of women, or to linguistic minorities. No mention of purposely hiding the truth about Giuliano Zaccardelli, but heaven forbid Jason, recognizing a historical fact for Quebecers is far far worse than any of that…

Jason, I used to say you misunderstood Quebec. It’s worse than I thought…apparently, it’s not just Quebec.

December 25, 2006

Federalism Works!


Yes the PLQ of Jean Charest, who I have mixed feelings about sometimes, is gearing up for election 2007! Expect the late winter election with a vote in early April, 4 years to the day of Charest’s first victory. Charest is trailing in the polls but is an excellent campaigner.

Charest is getting into full gear and budget 2007 at the federal level will be the key to Jean Charest’s fortunes. The Tories will not be at 12% for long if that “fiscal imbalance” deal (which for everyone’s info, was promised in 2006) is to Quebecers’ liking.

What’s that? The separatists will never be happy? Duceppe was dumb enough to quantify it. My suspicion is that the money will be there.

Without the “disrespect” card (nation) or the “we’re getting screwed financially” card (fiscal imbalance) the Bloc only has the “Conservatives are right wing bastards” card, which they will use in full force, it’ll be great to see Duceppe desperate (you’ll know that’s kicked in when he starts sounding like Layton).

The Liberal position on fiscal imbalance will be key in Quebec. Some Quebec MPs have vehemently denied the existence of the problem, while others agree we have to solve it. A budget with a fiscal imbalance deal will be tough for Quebec MPs (Bloc or Liberal) to vote down.

As an aside, a YLC(Q) resolution acknowledging the existence of the fiscal imbalance penned by yours truly was passed by the party as a priority in November 2005 and is official Quebec Liberal policy.

With Bob Rae, whose comments after the cuts in 1995 were rather…pointed!...,writing the platform, it is a positive sign for our position on the imbalance.

The message we must send Quebecers is that federalism works. The Bloc no longer has its two major planks against federalism to stand on, and must turn its attacks towards the right wing policies of the Conservative government. They are subtly conceding that federalism works, and we must hammer that message home.

In fact, with the customary tradition of having a Quebec slogan different from the national one, I suggest that the Quebec slogan next election be “Un Federalisme qui Fonctionne”. And in the minds of the population, there is no better spokesperson for how federalism works than Stephane Dion. (Remember, fight where we are strong!)

The next election will be a struggle for us in Quebec, but with a fiscal imbalance deal imminent, we have the opportunity to push out the Bloc, and that will benefit us long term. In the minds of Quebecers, we are the progressive party that delivers for Quebec. The temporary rainbow coalition’s time is coming to an end…we must seize that opportunity.

It sounds ridiculous, but Stephen Harper may be the key to the Liberals regaining their stronghold in Quebec, and the catalyst to finally send the Bloc home.

December 20, 2006

So-Called Mock Outrage (now with admission of error)

I wonder sometimes if I am blatantly partisan. I have been around my fair share of politicians and political stunts (also causing some of my own) and I wonder why some people feel the need to try and create something out of nothing.

So-called greenhouse gases

Yes, oh my! Shock! Awe!

Why is this not an issue? Because he is right. They are so-called greenhouse gases. They are so-called because of the effect the carbon has in the atmosphere, creating a type of greenhouse for the hot air. The real name for them is CFCs or something of the sort. I prefer to call them greenhouse gases. That is what Harper meant Jason. Watch it over and over again, see what you want to see for Liberal gain, but he believes the science, and it is reflected, albeit badly, in the Clean Air Act.

While we whine about harper saying greenhouse gases, we are gonna have to hear about the so-called Liberal record on cutting greenhouse gases...

So instead of inventing conspiracy theories and accusing Harper of ridiculous things, let’s focus on what he actually is doing wrong. There is plenty to work with. We have to focus on what we did well...

Update: Apparently, I have an issue with my grade 8 Science teacher and the definiton of greenhouse gases. I admit my error.

Secondly, to those like Werner Patels, who believe I do not know how to speak English, if 18 years of English school havent changed that, then I guess I will never speak English as well as Stephane Dion.

I do however dare anyone to pit Harper's so-called controversial comment to our so-called record on greenhouse gases as a government. It won't be pretty. The 2007 issue will be the economy. We know the economy. We did that well!

December 19, 2006

Charest in Election Mode Already

Yesterday Jean Charest was boasting about the way he managed Quebec’s finances and how it had garnered him a rating of Aa2 by Moody’s. You would expect him to be crying over the fact he is so short on money that he cannot pay for the services Quebecers need like, I don’t know, say, a properly funded health care system.

People will say that there cannot be a fiscal imbalance because the Quebec government is in such good financial shape. If the province really needs money, all it has to do is raise taxes. They have the power to do it, but not the political will I guess…

Along comes the super rich federal government, with 9 consecutive monster surpluses. Is it up to the federal government to give their surpluses to the provinces? Nope. But, how did the federal government get rich? On the backs of the provinces, with the CHST.

That is why there is a fiscal imbalance. Because money was cut and not restored. Now, how can the provinces be in such good shape? It is not normal of a province to go about in chronic deficits whining that they cannot possibly function. Who suffers? People who need medical service, students who are seeing the quality of their universities go down or outside Quebec, their tuition rising, people at the lowest income level in society, who have seen welfare cut and EI restrictions made more strict. They suffer. So while arguments can be made against the existence of the so-called fiscal imbalance, the repercussions of the so-called problem are being felt day after day. What people need to do is stop boasting and start working.

December 18, 2006

How many times will you hear the Sun Tzu quote today?

In a move that is meant to encourage party unity, Stephane Dion is placing his former rivals in the leadership race at the forefront, giving them prominent positions in the party structure.

What is the old saying? Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.

So, if Dion wins the next election, we are in government everybody is happy and we can worry about governing and not leadership. If we lose…we can all be comforted by the fact that Bob wrote the policy, Gerard did the organizing and Michael was the right hand man all along…

Good Job Stephane, for an idealistic philosophy professor, you are more Machiavellian than I ever gave you credit for.

Ok with all the ass-slapping and back-patting done, can we move onto the real issues affecting Canada, like collapsing social safety net in this country, and the gap of services received in different areas, rural and urban, across provinces. Ottawa is awash in surpluses, just like it was in the 1950s. It took good will and leadership to give us social security, health care, and pensions. Now we need leadership to push forward with child care, pharmacare, home care, and the other programs that Canadians want.

Clearly, we have work to do.

My blogger colleague Sebastien Jodoin
takes Stephane Dion to task on the nation and fiscal imbalance with the time and precision I only wish I could provide on a regular basis. His analysis goes to the heart of how as minister, Dion was only interested in winning points against the sovereigntists, and not interested in solving the problems before him.

Although my personal favourite quote is how Dion talks about Canada is not good with symbolic politics, how it never works really well. Like say, for example, signing an environment treaty with no plans to ever meet the targets but acknowledging it as a symbolic step in the right direction. Oh the irony, oh the Bloc attack ads… (Symbolism is good for plants, but not for Quebecers!)

We all know that interprovincial relations is not a walk in the park, as like our dear leader says ‘Canada works better in practice, than in theory.’ My hope is the same thing can be said about Stephane Dion.

December 16, 2006

At Issue - Alex and Antonio Unplugged

1) Most overrated MP –

Non-Liberal (Antonio) Garth Turner (Halton)

Has the man ever found a microphone he did not speak into?

Non-Liberal (Alex) Maka Kotto (Saint-Lambert)

Making his home-wrecking of Caroline StHilaire’s marriage front-page news

Liberal (Antonio and Alex) Mark Holland (Ajax-Pickering)

Face it! He is our Jason Kenney!

2) Most underrated MP

Liberal (Alex) Pablo Rodriguez (Honore-Mercier) for his dedication to the people in his riding and his real work on the environment

Liberal (Antonio) Belinda Stronach (Newmarket Aurora) for all the shit she gets about her hair, Belinda brought Bill Clinton to Montreal to talk about aid, and is spearheading Spread the Net. Did you all know that? My guess is no. But I bet you do know that Belinda now has brown hair…like I said, under rated.

Non-Liberal (Antonio) Diane Ablonczy (Calgary-Nose Hill) She took her pill, and may soon be rewarded. The Queen of Mean is back on the scene.

Non-Liberal (Alex) Maria Mourani (Ahuntsic) With the work on the Lebanon file on the front pages, Maria has been behind the scenes working the riding very, very hard.

3) Most over-reported story.-

(Alex) Dion Dual Citizenship “Like seriously, who gives a shit?”

(Antonio) Justin Trudeau “Like seriously, who gives a shit?”

4) Sleeper Story – (story with most potential to explode in our face)

(Antonio and Alex) Liberal Record on the Environment…if the issue is the environment, we cannot run on our record.

5) Most over-rated party leader

(Alex) Jack Layton blew his chance at relevance when he elected Stephen Harper in the first place.

(Antonio) Andre Boisclair because 65% approval for doing nothing usually only happens to Mats Sundin.

6) Most under-rated party leader.

(Alex) Bill Graham if not for him, we would have been lost at sea a long time ago.

(Antonio) Elizabeth May With the environment emerging as a key issue, who better to take advantage than the Green Party.

7) Wedge issue for the next election

(Alex) Fiscal Imbalance If the Liberals are in denial while the Tories fix the problem, we may not want to go to the polls…

(Antonio) Quebec Provincial Election if the PLQ wins, advantage Harper, if Boisclair wins advantage Dion.

8) Timing of next election

(Alex and Antonio) Late Spring, Harper will let Charest go first…with the fiscal imbalance agreement in hand.

9) Best example of political opportunism.

(Antonio) Kennedy approving nation but opposing nation resolution.

(Alex) Kennedy approving nation in French but opposing nation in English.

10) Best example of party loyalty

(Alex and Antonio) We may be biased but Tous Ensemble sums it all up for us!

December 14, 2006

Outremont Rumors Heating Up

Now that Jean Lapierre is no longer running, the race for Outremont is the new talk in town. Everybody is speculating who will vie for the Liberal stronghold. Either way, expect a nomination race because this one will be a tight one.

The Contenders (where their support comes from):

Martin Cauchon (Rae): former MP and Justice Minister, he is the odds on favourite should he seek the nomination. Martin is loved throughout the riding. A big Rae backer, Bob did not win the Outremont riding, which went to Michael Ignatieff. Does Cauchon have the support he needs. I would say yes…IF HE RUNS!

Linda Julien (Dion): Assigned with finding winnable ridings for women, the first one she could find one for is, naturally, herself. (4th time is the charm!) With the party machine controlled by Dion, she may have the upper hand.

Justin Trudeau (Kennedy): God help us all but this seems more and more possible. Not sure if Justin wants in a large fight but he will have all the Trudeau-nostalgia behind him. And I am assuming a team of Kennedy-organizers flown in. I would suggest Justin not use Gerard’s present Quebec team, which consists of Bernard Patry and well…yeah.

Brigitte Legault (Youth/Ignatieff): Brigitte is an up and coming star in the party and just won as VP Francophone of the Liberal Party. Brigitte is well respected many in Quebec and was the Election Co-Chair in Quebec with former Outremont stalwart Marc Lalonde. Brig stayed neutral throughout the whole race but in the end, used the common sense of most Quebecers and voted Michael Ignatieff. She is close to Lapierre, has good relations with the student groups who have a say in a university riding like Outremont, can organize as well as anybody else, has top cultural community organizers (which is KEY in Outremont), not to mention the entire youth wing 100% behind her. At 26, she would be considered a dark horse, but Brigitte is always first in our hearts.

Oh yeah and to all those who know her…send Lucie Santoro an email saying we are all gonna kick her ass unless she runs in Lasalle. There is nobody more deserving. No Lucie…I won’t drop it!

Tories to Solve Fiscal Imbalance

An inside source in the Department of Finance has told me the civil servants are looking for the money to “restore fiscal balance to Canada.”

After I scoffed a little, he gave me details. The Tories will transfer money to the provinces without any strings or national minimum standards. They will do it over a period of 3 to 5 years, with a large transfer in the billions in the first year alone.

Erase my previous projection for the Liberals in Quebec. With us still denying the problem exists, we will be out in the wilderness big time and hand the PLQ and their organizers to the Tories for the next election. Last election, they helped deliver Quebec City. This time it will be province wide, further splitting the vote, oh this will not be good.

Harper might have bought himself the bounce in Quebec he needs.

If I were the Bloc I would pass another motion

Be it resolved there is a fiscal imbalance in Canada.

The Tories will then propose

Be it resolved that fiscal balance needs to be restored within a united Canada.

Humor aside, we are le fucked next election if my source is correct.

On another note, so is the Bloc, their raison d’etre will take another severe blow.

Would I trade no Bloc for a Harper majority?

Good Question!


December 13, 2006

L'hypocrisie de Landry et Duceppe

Ces derniers jours, on a découvert que la SONACC (Société Nationale du Cheval de Course) était un véritable magasin de bonbons dans lequel les proches du Parti Québécois ont pigé comme bon leur semblait. Le gaspillage de fonds est incroyable.

  • Des repas gratuits pour les dirigeants de la SONACC pour 1.1M$
  • Des comptes de dépense à la hauteur de 740 000$ dont la moitié ne sont pas justifiables
  • Des allocations pour automobile à la hauteur de 20 000$ annuellement pour les dirigeants
  • Un administrateur qui a touché une prime de séparation de plus de 80 000$ pour revenir le mois suivant à l'emploi de la SONACC à un salaire majoré d'environ 50 000$
  • Des boni injustifiés etc
On peut croire qu'il s'agit d'une situation isolée mais les pauvres péquistes ont été victimes de grand nombre de malchances : SGF, Caisse de dépôt, Métro de Laval, Gaspesia et j'en passe.

Bernard Landry qui était Ministre des Finances et Premier Ministre à cette époque nie formellement qu'il ait eu vent des pratiques de gestion pour le moins douteuses. Bernard Landry est le même homme qui fustigeait Paul Martin et Jean Chrétien pour leur supposée implication dans le programme des commandites. "Ils devaient savoir." disait-il. Maintenant, il nous sert l'excuse que le Ministre des Finances ou le Premier Ministre ne pouvait savoir que de telles extravagances avaient cours. Après tout, comme Ministre des Finances il devait gérer 50G$. Au Canada anglais, on dirait "What's good for the goose is good for the gander." Au Québec, on dit "Ce qui est bon pour Môman et bon pour Pôpa." Si vous tenez Paul Martin et Jean Chrétien responsables du scandale des commandites, vous devez accepter la paternité des dérapages à la SONACC. Si vous tentez de vous défiler face à vos obligations, je serai dans l'obligation de vous traiter d'HYPOCRITE...

Dans un autre ordre d'idées, on voit que le Bloc Québécois est désespéré. Il veut tenter de défaire le gouvernement avant le budget. Il a bien peur que la pertinence du Bloc soit remise en cause si Stephen Harper règle la question du déséquilibre fiscal à la satisfaction de Jean Charest. Les Conservateurs ont reconnu l'existence de la nation québécoise au sein d'un Canada uni et ils pourraient régler le déséquilibre fiscal. Le Parti Libéral monopolisera le thème de l'environnement et tentera de faire du chemin sur l'Afghanistan. Une position que je déplorerais surtout depuis les plus récents évènements en Afghanistan. Nous devons continuer la mission afin de permettre à ces jeunes filles d'aller à l'école et cesser les atrocités perpétrées par les Talibans.

Les deux partis fédéralistes risquent de monopoliser tous les enjeux sur lesquels le Bloc voulait faire campagne. On démontrera la non-pertinence du Bloc à Ottawa et Duceppe le sait. Défaire le gouvernement sur l'Afghanistan, c'est de l'hypocrisie. Duceppe a peur des gains que les fédéralistes pourraient faire au Québec en réglant le déséquilibre fiscal. De plus, comment pourrait-il défaire le gouvernement sur le budget si sa principale doléance depuis plusieurs années est réglée ?

Landry et Duceppe sont des hypocrites.


December 12, 2006

Real Education is Dead

I rarely get philosophical but today I was inspired...

Ok many people who know me know that I am fascinated with the notion that modern education is tantamount to monkey training to be an obedient citizen. Real education is dead.

Modern Education is about telling us how…

Real Education is about asking why…and letting us find out for ourselves.

So if you have some time to waste,
read Ivan Illich’s “Deschooling Society”

Another shorter essay, but equally revealing is by John Taylor Gatto,
is available here.

I watch my godson slave away at two hours of algebra a night. It makes no sense whatsoever. They should be teaching the kids how to think critically, how to analyze problems, how to come up with potential answers on their own, not train them to solve equations quickly.

I guess it is my anarchist side finally showing itself, but I truly think that our entire education system needs to be overhauled. More critical thinking. More thoughtful content. If at 18, a student has read and analyzed the Communist Manifesto, the Social Contract by Rousseau, Plato's Republic, Aristotle's Politics, Common Sense by Thomas Paine, and other works about society around them, then there is no doubt they vould vote, because they would understand the consequences of what they are voting for.

Education is about asking questions and making the right decisions. Today's modern political culture offers none of that, just rhetoric. Therefore, do not be surprised at the lack of interest in voting by our younger generations. We are too busy getting trained to be obediant monkeys in our schools. But hey, at least we know how to do algebra!

Enough wonkery out of me, back to exams.

Props to Cherniak for his Elfin Pride and Deep Geekness

I rarely give Jason any credit because of his blind hackery sometimes.

But to put up the Gazette reporter’s description of him as “an elfin type with fierce eyes, Cherniak is a strange mixture of budding authority and deep geek” on his sidebar shows either he is completely shameless in promoting himself, or (like I suspect) actually has a sense of humor.

Cheers Jason

I told you we wouldn't let you live this down.

PS: Take Homes = Bleh!

December 11, 2006

Quebec’s Electoral Reality

Ok, I am offering my opinion here. This is not to be considered as fact, but commentary.

People point out how well Chretien did in Quebec. He did do well. Very well.

Food for thought.

In 1993 and 1997, the PC party received between 15-20% in the election in Quebec.

They won one seat in 1993 (Charest) and 5 (Charest. Price, St Jacques, Harvey and Bachand) in 1997.

The Tories in Quebec now sit at 18%.

In 2000, Joe Clark and Stockwell Day made no impression on Quebecers and the Tories did not get anything in Quebec.

Chretien got all the federalist votes with a good economy and high surpluses and an unpopular PQ government to boot. If you think we gained seats solely cuz of the Clarity Act, you have a rosy view of history. Let’s not forget why the people were punishing the PQ.

I will give Cherniak and Calgary Grit bonus points if they knew the turning point issue for us in Quebec City and some Montreal suburbs…

Municipal Mergers, long forgotten in the psyche of most voters, and no longer a reason to punish Duceppe, are gone from the scene.

We won Frontenac-Megantic, Louis Hebert, and Portneuf, and likely Alfred Pellan because of it. 42-32 looks a lot worse than 38-36.

How does being open to Quebec gain you seats?

Here is an example…Pierre Trudeau in 1980 who promised to bring home a Constitution all Canadians can be proud of. The PQ had passed their own Charter in 1978 and Trudeau was offering an opportunity to create one for Canada, something which Levesque actually wanted.

Quebecers are not opposed to what is in the Charter. That is not the reason it remains unsigned...

Let’s not forget, it was Bourassa who walked away from the Victoria Charter. Pierre Trudeau always negotiated in good faith.

After 1982 and the missed opportunity, Mulroney won by taking Quebec’s interests at heart. He did it twice. The Liberal rejection of Meech created the Bloc, which has ruled the province ever since, the closest being a 38-36-1 result in 2000 with the above conditions in effect.

Now we have an unpopular provincial Liberal government, the Tories hovering between 15 and 20% and a leader who is known to represent the more polarizing side of the argument. Do not blame some Quebec federalists for bracing themselves for the upcoming wave.

My prediction is clear…17 seats. We pick up Ahuntsic, Papineau, Jeanne LeBer and Brossard La Prairie and hold the rest. (Presuming the Tories stay at 15% or less, if they reach their election level from 2006, we may have much, much less) The Tories keep Pontiac, Beauce, Jonquiere, and Louis St Laurent. Vote splitting will give the rest to the Bloc. Overall, they pick up two more seats, going to 53, and the stalemate continues.

Yawn! Once analyzed, that 30% in Quebec really translates to only 17 seats. The margin with the Tories goes from +20 to +10 but we are left with more deadlock. Decima has our numbers in Quebec back at 26%. It should settle around there.

We want to fight the separatists on their turf. With their vocabulary, because once they are exposed for the phonies they really are, they have no choice but to pack up and head home. Instead we choose to continue the rhetorical battles, firmly entrenching the temporary rainbow coalition in place. Plus ca change…

December 10, 2006

Surprise Israel Has Nukes!

Who was denying this?

Oh right, the same people who denied using chemical weapons in Lebanon last summer.

**edit** Silly me, I should add that I am referring to white phosphorus, which although is a chemical that burns people, and can be fatal, it is not considered a chemical weapon.

Either way, the IDF denied using it until it was caught. **end edit**

When the Israeli Army decides to tell the truth for change, then THAT will be news.

Until then, they only make their lives more difficult in gaining sympathy for their cause.

h/t Haaretz

December 9, 2006

YLCBC Renewal and a Great Man for the Job

It has come to my attention that YLCBC is having an election to replace Coco Lefoka as its President. I know a young guy out there who deserves this position more than anybody else.

Braeden Caley, from Richmond has shown time and again, his dedication to the Liberal cause. He stands up for what he believes in and fights for it as well. I could not think of anyone better to represent the views of ALL YLCBCers.

After all the nefarious goings on in recent history in the British Columbian sandbox, nobody can unite the party's different leadership camps than Braeden, even tho he made that despicable video! (hehe)

British Columbia is my second home. I fought the 2004 election out there, helping some forestry executive who will not be named...get elected.

I hope Denise doesnt get too mad at me for getting involved in YLCBC politics but I know Braeden is far too modest to put his name forward and all I think he needs is a swift kick in the ass to get this ball rolling.

I know he can win this thing. If you see him, encourage him to run.

Liberals Lose a Great Federalist

It has come to my attention that Liza Frulla will not attempt to re-capture her seat in Jeanne Le Ber in the upcoming election.

Liza will always be a mainstay in the Quebec federalist establishment, having co-chaired the No Committee in the last referendum. Her passion is unparalleled. Her dedication is without question. The respect we Quebec Liberals have for her is immense.

Does this have to do with the election of Stephane Dion? No comment!

Liza comes from the school of thinking that we should try and address Quebec’s main issues in order to put the separatists to bed rather than stake out a strong federalist territory to occupy only for election purposes. I come from that school too. I understand Liza’s situation.

One thing is for sure. Liza I hope this is not the last we see of you in this neverending drama that is politics in Quebec.

Vous ferez toujours partie de notre famille!

December 8, 2006

Alberta Neo-Cons declare War on France?

Ok I have had exams the past couple of days, but I think it’s time to come defend my new boy Stephane Dion against what can only be seen as a cheap attempt of smearing by Ezra Levant and comical far-right morons at the Western Standard. I would like to take Exra’s Logic to the next step and list the

Top 10 French Things Ezra Levant Feels are a Threat to National Security

10) Baguettes: Clearly long and pointy things offend Ezra. Probably envy I guess…Ezra is way too “wonderbread” anyway.

9) Berets: The only hat a leader can wear is a Stetson, and only in Calgary. What if Stephane Dion starts Beret-Mania…it will be the end of Canada.

8) Cristobal Huet: This Canadiens star is French! He not only wears a visor but A WHOLE MASK. Sure he is a goalie but to Ezra this epitomizes slippery slope!

7) Les Miserables: Culture…oh no…not culture RUN! With that attitude, Ezra will only become a Miserable after the next election.

6) Champagne: Bottles? I think Ezra prefers it all straight from the box.

5) The Statue of Liberty: A gift from France in Liberal bastion New York. It clearly sends the message and gifts from France bring Liberalism!

4) Multiculturalism: First they eliminate the minister responsible, then they make it worse by putting Jason Kenney, Ezra prefers we all give up our other citizenships and melt right into the pot.

3) Ezra’s Osama Bin Laden…

2) The Truth: Never let fact the facts get in the way of a good argument. The only two elected prime ministers born outside Canada were Tories. Oops!

1) Irony: Ezra just finished backing an American for Premier of Alberta but scoffs that the Liberal leader holds dual citizenship with another country. Freedom Flapjacks at the Calgary Stampede next year!

December 5, 2006

Marriage Vote Should be a Free Vote

Why do we support equal marriage?

Because it is the coming together of two people who want to share their lives together. We support the right of any two people to choose to come together.

Would we favor a forced marriage?

If no...

then why would we favor a forced vote on marriage?

If you believe you are right, then fight for your position.

Stephane Dion, rather than whipping his caucus, should instead tell people why it is so important to protect the rights of minorities in this country.

He should take that message to the naysayers in his caucus. He should dare his own members to vote against a charter right. As the party that brought down the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, we should be party that defends it.

Yes, we must unite the caucus, through debate and ideas, not through the party whip.

Unity is an empty message if it is forced.

Forcing Quebec to stay in Canada after a decided yes vote would not be “real” unity.

Unity means more to people when they choose to unite.

If we ever seek to really be a united party, we will understand that.

What unites us is our values (social justice, national unity, the environment) and our goals (defeat Harper and implement our values through legislation)

That is why you see me making all these cracks about "party unity." Do we rally behind our leader Stephane Dion...ABSOLUTELY!

Do we stop pushing for what we believe to be Liberal values even if it defies the view of our leader? I would certainly hope not.

So let up on the whip, show some leadership, and dare your members to vote against a Charter right. It will make you a stronger leader, and Canada a better country for it.

"Party Unity" Means We Love All Liberals…Even Jean Lapierre

I would rather have a caucus that believes in the leader but can we try not to throw knives at a Liberal’s back on his way out?

He will not be the first Liberal to leave the party over the choice of a leader and he certainly will not be the last.

So be nice! I am looking at you Dan!

But while you are still around Jean, can you do the party a favor and give Stephane and Michael some podium-thumping mock outrage skills? Nobody gets riled up like you do. Yesterday was simply painful to watch. Between Stephane and Michael, I almost about fell asleep, and that is cuz I was actually excited.

And on another note...who is gonna be the one to call Alfonso and give him back his card?

Forgive me for rolling on the floor laughing at the irony of all this.

Oh I am enjoying "party unity" already.

I Guess This Would Be In Order

Congratulations Stephane Dion on the hard fought win.

Throughout your time as minister, you always surpassed expectations and did your job with the utmost dignity and respect.

You always stood for your values and beliefs, even stubbornly at times. As a stubborn person myself, I admire that.

You, unlike several people who frequent this site, have heeded the call to take the views of others into account and have met with all the defeated candidates.

Yesterday’s caucus meeting was another example of how you are ready to take the helm of this national institution.

I will always be a Liberal, no matter who leads our party. You have done our party well. You have done this country well. You are a great Liberal. Not a Stephane Dion Liberal, but a Liberal, rouge through and through.

The task will be difficult in Quebec, as over three quarters of Quebecers voted for your opponent, including those of your kingmaker Gerard Kennedy. Our fears as Quebec Liberals did not appear overnight. They will also not go away overnight.

In the end, this exercise was all about listening. I have faith in you Mr Dion, that you will listen, and do the right thing, for Quebec and for Canada.

December 3, 2006

Let the Hypocrisy Begin

Yes, I am now a pariah because I had the gall to suggest that the new leader take the views of others into account.

To say I had a rough weekend would be an understatement, but I will like to point out a few things to all the hypocrites that are screaming party blindness…er unity.

1) If I believed 24 hours ago that Dion would lose us seats in Quebec if he won, then I still believe it now. Saying otherwise would be LYING!

2) If I believed that renewing the party was not putting a Cabinet Minister of 10 years at the helm 24 hours ago, then I still believe it now. Saying otherwise would be LYING!

3) If I believed 24 hours ago that Dion’s stubborn attitude towards soft nationalists could be bad for national unity, especially when we have federalist opponents in Quebec, then I still believe it now. Saying otherwise would be LYING!

4) If I believed that an environment minister who only talked about reducing emissions instead of actually reducing them was not credible on the environment, then I still believe it now. Saying otherwise would be LYING!

Now to prove my point, would all Iggy detractors forget everything they have been saying about him for 8 months? I somehow REALLY doubt it.

Can these things be changed? I would say nothing is set in stone.

So suck it up, we have work to do, especially in Quebec. I have said it before and I will say it again, if we want to win back the hearts and minds of Quebecers, we will need to listen to them.

Am I being divisive when all I say is that we will need to pull up our bootstraps if we have any chance at winning? No. I never predicted an Ignatieff win would be an easy election victory either. So open your eyes and get to work.

I will get to work. There is policy to write! There is grassroots to be consulted! Let’s get to work. Mr Dion, my hand is still there, if you wish to take it.

December 2, 2006

Stephane I Lend You My Hand…If You Wish to Take It

You know, it is not easy to take a loss like this. I cried when I heard the result, knowing full well it was coming. I am still crying right now.

When you pour your emotions so much into something like this, it becomes a part of you.

I will never forget this campaign.

It is no secret that I believed that Stephane Dion was not the best choice to lead this party. It is no secret that I believe that we must preach an openness to Quebec which you do not believe in.

Tonight I lost a part of me. I lost my faith in ideas. The deals which I saw cut this weekend will forever leave a cynical trace in mind. The faith I lost in politics throughout this weekend will take time to rebuild…but I will re-build it nonetheless.

I will not rip up my card. I will not walk away. But I do ask of you to please listen to the people of Quebec, who yearn for recognition, who yearn for their rightful place WITHIN Canada. Stephane, you cannot afford to be stubborn, and neither can we.

We will not make the same mistake we made in 1990. We will not let Quebec divide this party. However, if we will ever listen to the grassroots, it will be the biggest and best success you will ever have.

We will take your message to the people of Quebec. We will take your platform to the image of Quebec. But we ask that you take our message to the people as well. The message of the Quebecois. The message that we are stronger as a people within Canada than we are outside of it. Stephane, now you have the chance to prove to people you can be a hero…you have our support...if you wish to take it.