December 17, 2007

Baird’s Bali Buffoonery May Stick

The antics of the Canadian delegation at Bali may come back to haunt them come election time, especially if Stephane Dion is willing to capitalize.

Last week, the green lobby was out in full force, embarrassing Baird and Canada at every occasion. The Liberals can fear-monger that Harper is Bush’s bitch all they want, but when usually tame diplomats are saying it, it is beginning to make one wonder how much Stephen Harper is willing to let Canada’s reputation sink.

I have always said that the environment would never make people switch their vote. I stand by that. The economy, jobs, and taxes will always dominate people’s choices at the polls, with social programs not far behind. Another issue which ranks very highly is Canada’s reputation abroad, which thanks to John Baird which took one hell of a beating in Bali, vaulting the environment into the voters' conscience

Canada’s reputation abroad is valued very highly among average Canadians, and Stephane Dion needs to emphasize this more than anything when he sets off on his campaign to become Prime Minister early next year.

When NDP voters head to the booths next year, will they check the NDP box, knowing they may elect Harper as Prime Minister? A minority Parliament can only blunt the Tories to a certain extent. For foreign affairs and action on the environment, a vote for the NDP is a vote for Harper’s position.

One politician who understands this is Green leader Elizabeth May. With Bali in the news, the Greens have entered into double digits. May knows full well that she wants Dion as Prime Minister but is aware her votes may cost him the coveted position. May’s call against vote splitting come election time will bode well for the Liberals and may just be Jack Layton’s worst nightmare, worse than a resurgent Green Party.

Like Chantal Hebert said this morning, Bali shifted the environmental issue to the future, where the Tories (and I add the NDP) can no longer focus on Liberal inaction.

For voters most concerned with the future of our environment, Stephane Dion becomes the top choice by default...


December 16, 2007

I’m a Big Kid Now!

(At a secret NDP meeting in Montreal)

Jumpin Jack: Wow Tom, that is quite a snowstorm out there.

Tommy Tom: Yup, looks like we will be shoveling well into the night.

Jack: Oh, don’t worry, in Toronto, everything shut down, including the Leafs who decided to get a head start and shut down Saturday night.

Tom: No worries, Montreal never shuts down. Everything will be back to normal tomorrow morning.

Jack: Not in Toronto. This is why we need the troops home from Afghanistan. Who is gonna shovel all the snow?

Tom: Let’s get down to business. This transgendered candidate is giving too many of us dull normals the heebie jeebies.

Jack: Why is she so bad?

Tom: Well Jack, all our candidates went to our site, saw her fully clad, and suddenly pulled out of the race. They said they wanted us to run James Moore’s girlfriend. If she is not available, the dog will do too.

Jack: Well Tom, we can’t just dump candidates. I’ll get Libby to draft a press release saying she was bribed to drop out by the Liberals. Dion will be incensed.

Tom: It will be quite unfair. I can imagine the press conference where he says “this is unfair” for 2 hours. I say we go for it.

Jack: You are right Tom. The NDP is a MAJOR PLAYER now. We have Quebec seats. We are ready to take power. We cant have people flip flopping on gender issues or Irene is gonna have another aneurism.

Tom: Excellent, now we can go back to running students and career losers.

Jack: I am ready for the big leagues! I’m a big kid now!

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December 12, 2007

Insert Name Here

Leadership is taking action before all others and leading the way.

Blaming other countries for your mistake while doing absolutely nothing is not leadership.

It is not easy to make priorities…It is much easier to blame other people…

(Insert name of Conservative here) is not a leader.