May 30, 2007

It's Been Fun

For some who know me, I have been sick for a little while. I need time to get better but most importantly, i need to snap out of a bad routine that has only allowed me to get worse.

I have resigned my post as VP Policy of the YLC(Q) and I will leave the Liberal Party until I get better.

That also means I will stop blogging for the time being while I focus solely on making sure I can be a productive person once again.

Thank you to all the people who have made my experience great. I hope to be back eventually, but I do not want to make any promises.

I love you all.


May 29, 2007

The Conservative Party is Losing its Touch

Last year the Tories ran some pretty scathing ads against Stephane Dion. They were effective because it gave the Tories the chance to define Dion in case there happened to be a spring election. Now I have one question.

Since only the Tories know what leadership is, can they say what makes somebody a leader? Does running television ads and sites mocking other people’s housepets make you a leader? Really?



Listen, if you're Canadian and the only time you cheer for Ottawa is when they make the final, we have a word for you, it's bandwagon.

The Sens fans don't want you on the bandwagon.

As for me, I am cheering for good hockey, which we did get tonight.



May 28, 2007

A Step Backward

From the BBC website, it appears a bar in Australia is going to ban breeders

This has to be the dumbest thing I ever heard. Apparently gay men are tired of fag hags and the bar owner wants to have an establishment that caters to gay men only.

While some women do piss me off on a regular basis (hi mom!) banning them from a club seems so...I don't know...1950s.

If a straight dude wants to come to a gay bar and get hit on, well good for him I guess.

Can other clubs then bar homosexuals from entry? It's not like they wear ID that says homo on it. But can they say in general that they do not wish to have homosexual clientele because they dont want gays in there gaying up the place?

Give me a break!

This is a double standard if I have ever seen one. Shame on the gay rights groups for allowing their movement to take a step backwards...

Australian pub bars heterosexuals

The hotel's ban is a first for AustraliaA gay pub in the city of Melbourne has won the right to ban heterosexuals - the first time such legislation has been passed in Australia.
The Victorian state civil and administrative tribunal ruled the Peel Hotel could ban patrons based on their sexual orientation.

The pub's management said the move would stop groups of heterosexual men and women abusing gay people.

Civil liberties groups have supported the decision.

The tribunal's president said groups of straight women found homosexual men entertaining but that such attention was dehumanising, the BBC's Phil Mercer in Sydney says.

Managers complained raucous hen nights and stag parties created a poisonous atmosphere for its gay clientele, our correspondent says.

"If I can limit the number of heterosexuals entering the Peel, then that helps me keep the safe balance," the hotel's manager, Tom McFeely, told Australian radio, according to the Reuters news agency.

Mr McFeely says he wants a "safe balance"

He said while Melbourne had 2,000 venues catering for heterosexuals, his was the only bar aimed exclusively at gay men.

Civil liberties groups said homosexuals should be allowed to relax in places without fear of bullying or intimidation.

Australia's equal opportunity laws prevent discrimination based on race, religion or sexuality.


May 27, 2007

Sunday Caption Contest

This was overdue...Duceppe and the Bloc 2nd in Quebec


May 25, 2007

Premier Dumont next Friday

Francois Gendron, interim leader of the of the PQ, has told journalists that he would be open to supporting Mario Dumont if the Charest budget fails next week.

That would mean Mario Dumont would have to govern with THAT caucus.

Oh the fun is just beginning. Chucker, your guy is gonna get creamed.


I know I am in BC for Quebec Political Detox...but

All I will say is this

Charest set up a fund for the debt.

He budgeted money to address the doctor shortage. Adding 700 million to the health care system wont fix it when the problem in Quebec is that we dont keep enough of the doctors we train.

He raised tuition from ridiculously low levels to help out the universities.

Quebecers have been paying high taxes because it chose to keep services instead of slashing programs a la Mike Harris and Gordon Campbell.

But that has nothing to do with the budget.

The PLQ wants to keep its election promise or face the wrath of the voter next time.

Ditto ADQ who said they would not support the budget because they wanted the money to go to the debt.

The PQ knows the only way to defeat Mario Dumont’s populist tide is to give him the chance to govern. They think he will be worse than Bob Rae in Ontario. With the 41 members he elected, two would be good bets to be ministers. Pauline Marois wants pandemonium.

I think Mario will chicken out. He cannot govern without the chance to elect people that know how to govern.


May 24, 2007

Vancouver How I Have Missed You

I love British Columbia. I consider it my home away from home. My stays here usually coincide with long spells of no rain so I have my fingers crossed that it will continue.

I’ll be blogging less for three weeks. I am taking a break from it all it seems.

It’s nice to be somewhere where the average person doesnt want to throw Stephane Dion off the Jacques Cartier Bridge. Good for him I guess

Oh yeah and here the buses work!


May 23, 2007

Swedes Can’t Lead

As a devoted Habs fan and proud Canadian, some of my friends are perplexed that I am not supporting Ottawa in the Stanley Cup Final. I mean they are a Canadian team.

One interesting thing to note is that no European has ever led his team to the Stanley Cup as captain. It is only proof that European players do not have what it takes to win the Holy Grail of Hockey.

The history doesn’t lie. Swedes can’t lead. And with Daniel Alfredsson at the helm, the Senators are doomed to fail miserably.

So to

Scott Neidermayer
Chris Pronger
Rob Neidermayer
Ryan Getzlaf
Corey Perry
Dustin Penner
Chris Kunitz
Andy Macdonald
Francois Beauchemin
JS Giguere (this guy is too chicken to not wear a visor. Duh He’s a Frenchie)
Brad May
Travis Moen
Kent Huskins
Ric Jackman
Sean O Donnell

Good Luck to all you Canadians. Only you have the heart to win this thing.




Ok now think about how outrageous this whole post was.






Now think that we pay 1 million of our tax dollars a year to hear this kind of stuff.

Now think that this stuff is spewed by somebody who is in the Top 10 Canadians of ALL TIME!


May 22, 2007

Jack! For Prime Minister

In the land of the ridiculous lala land statements of the NDP, this one surely takes the cake. Jack Layton said that Alcoa, if successful in its purchase of Alcan, should move the headquarters to Montreal as part of the deal.

I am all for creating new jobs in Montreal. However, making foreign companies move their headquarters to the place where they acquire another company just shows how much Jack Layton and the NDP doesn’t understand the business world.

Would Jack! believe Thomson should move its headquarters to London after acquiring Reuters? Does Jack! think that Jean Coutu should be based in the US? Or Couche-Tard? Garda Security? Maybe he doesn’t understand the concept of a two-way street.

If applied politically, Jack! might want to be the head of a coalition even if he is the smaller party. It is the same logic, and it is still backward. Jack! lives in a different universe then everybody else.

I sometimes believe Jack! Layton does not think before he speaks. Let’s just send him to Kandahar to be chief negotiator with the Taliban! He seems to be the only politician who likes the idea. We’ll just leave him in Southern Afghanistan and see how far he gets in his negotiations. Good Luck Jack!


May 21, 2007

Populism Sucks The Big One

I wont call the Canadian public stupid. They are not stupid.

But does the entire Canadian population understand that negotiating with the Taliban is tantamount to validating what they are doing? I don’t think so.

With all the bullshit being hurled by people from all corners on the Afghan mission, it’s no wonder Canadians misunderstand what is going on.

Negotiations require good faith. Since they took over the country 10 years ago, the Taliban have not showed any good faith even when their rule was unopposed. They refused to participate in any international negotiations even when they were the de facto rulers of Afghanistan.

And even though the NDP track record on good faith is worse than the Taliban’s, if peace were to be brokered, Canadians would still have to stay there to help maintain it.

Here is a summary of everybody’s position. (I have issues with all 4 to varying degrees)

CPC: (The Neocon) You either support everything we say or you are a terrorist.

Liberal: (The Pussy) We only like missions where we do not have to risk anything.

Bloc: (The Irrelevant) What does the polling say? Quebecers want to separate from a country that supports a war we once supported!

NDP: (The Populist Nonsensical Superpussy) We have no business bringing peace to Afghans because Canadians don’t want it. We like Darfur. We will only like it until we can gain a political advantage by opposing it. Elizabeth May is a terrorist.

We need to educate people about how things work in Afghanistan. People need to own up to mistakes and we need to show solidarity. We have Canadian soldiers risking their lives in the field while the 4 parties play a stupid chess match with each other. In 2001 when we sent soldiers to Afghanistan, the parties were unanimously in favor. It seems we may never see that kind of solidarity again.

May 18, 2007

Justin Idol: Viva la Revolucion

He is not advocating communism…just "re-thinking capitalism"

Trudeau suggested to the students the capitalist "machine" that sustains modern existence may also become modern civilization's downfall.

The system promotes exploitation of natural resources without accounting for future consequences of consumption, he said.

"Our capitalist model has given us tremendous things," Trudeau said. "But the time has come for us to look at it critically and try to improve on it, given the accelerated pace of change and the fact that we have limited space."

Randy Jackson “Yo dawg, I wasn’t feeling you tonight. I mean after 3 months seeing some very poor parts of Canada in that nomination, were you really feeling that CAPITALISM was the problem? So listen up dawg, go back to the drawing board, learn some of the classics, and stop embarrassing yourself every week.”

Paula Abdul “Well Justin, I think you were awesome this week. No matter what you do up here every week, people like me are still gonna love you. You really took something and made it your own. If there is anybody who can call for the overthrow of the capitalist system and still get mobbed for autographs, it’s you. Trudeaumania seems to become its own new beast by the day. Soon nobody will be able to recognize it.”

Simon Cowell “That was absolutely horrendous. Fire your speechwriter. What’s that? You write your own speeches? Fire Yourself. Hire Gerard Kennedy. He says lots of things without using anything substantive. Also what the bloody hell are you doing giving speeches in Windsor when you should be focusing on winning your riding?”

Antonio “Justin, Pop Quiz, what are the three pillars of current Dionista Liberalism: social justice, environmental sustainability, and…economic prosperity. The undecided voter usually tends to focus on that last one, so while we understand that we need to pick up the slack on the first two, tearing down the third one is hardly gonna help us get elected.”


May 16, 2007

Et Tu Gerard?

Ivison Reports What Many of Us Already Knew

I saw it in Papineau when the help from Kennedy, in the form of many staffers from Ottawa or riding organizers from Toronto were there to support Kennedy's highest profile Quebec supporter. I stand by what I said. Justin won fair and square. However, it was clear that the other camps stayed out because Dion wanted Mary Deros.

Either way, I am not terribly surprised.

It is all fair game if you ask me. Nothing wrong with playing a little dirty. In fact, I was a little sad when the orders came to stay "holier than the pope". The reason I was particularly against that is simple realist theory. The reason there is no rules in international relations is because somebody else breaking them.

I believe that party politics works the same way. Even if we stay holier than the pope, somebody will always be lurking in the night. Jamie Carroll is already losing sleep over it...

One last thing on that whole sordid becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy based on the direction of the office's thinking. Make them believe you can win, then everyone will focus on winning.


May 15, 2007

Prompt rétablissement, M. Parizeau

Nous avons appris aujourd'hui que l'ancien Premier Ministre du Québec / Pêcheur de homards, Jacques Parizeau, est hospitalisé depuis une semaine maintenant.

Sa femme et députée de Crémazie, Lisette Lapointe, refuse de dire pourquoi M. Parizeau a été hospitalisé. J'ai donc décidé de faire aller mes contacts au Parti Québécois afin d'en apprendre plus sur les causes de son hospitalisation.

Mes sources bien informées au PQ m'ont indiqué que M. Parizeau a été admis à l'hôpital pour traiter une cyrrhose du foie. J'ai également eu vent d'une baisse des ventes marquée à la SAQ dans la dernière semaine, ceci confirmerait donc les informations de mes sources péquistes.

On souhaite donc à M. Parizeau et aux contribuables québécois (qui sont les actionnaires de la SAQ) un prompt rétablissement.


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May 14, 2007

Uh Oh

Yeah, this is bad...

Edit: Why? Because you do not openly question the loyalty of the Deputy Leader to the press...period.

It just is not a smart thing to do.

Carroll made a mistake. He should apologize at the minimum. Dion will make his own decisions how to run his office.

Also, can the people that work there not have the fuckin press on speed dial every time something goes wrong? We are becoming like the PQ...

Ignatieff and Dion squabble over Liberal honcho

Ottawa — Stéphane Dion is resisting pressure to fire the Liberal Party's national director who suggested that former leadership rivals may be plotting against the new boss.
Deputy Leader Michael Ignatieff told Mr. Dion over the weekend that Jamie Carroll should be fired, sources say.

While he did not demand Mr. Carroll's head or issue any ultimatums on the matter, they say Mr. Ignatieff argued that Mr. Carroll can't remain ostensibly in charge of rebuilding and unifying the party after publicly casting aspersions on the loyalty of erstwhile leadership competitors.
“He was forceful that it was his view that (Mr. Carroll) should go,” said one well-placed insider.
Although displeased with Mr. Carroll's public musings, sources say Mr. Dion indicated that he would not fire his hand-picked choice for the party's top administrative post.

Mr. Ignatieff, who was overtaken by Mr. Dion on the final ballot at last December's leadership convention, was incensed by comments from Carroll in a new book released Saturday.

In Against the Current, author Linda Diebel writes that two months ago Mr. Carroll began to doubt the wisdom of Mr. Dion giving key roles to all his former rivals — including his choice to make Mr. Ignatieff deputy leader.

“I am starting to wonder if he may not have been a little too good to his former competitors,” Mr. Carroll is quoted as saying.

Ms. Diebel writes that Mr. Carroll “lived in fear of an all-out drive against Dion,” orchestrated by one or more of Mr. Dion's top three leadership rivals — Mr. Ignatieff, Bob Rae and Gerard Kennedy.

“What they do in public doesn't bother me. It's the shit they do behind the scenes — which I may not know they're doing — that keeps me up at night,” Mr. Carroll is quoted as saying.
Senior organizers for each of the former contenders were privately furious about the remarks, particularly those in the Ignatieff camp on whom Mr. Carroll's suspicions seemed primarily focused.

Mr. Ignatieff acknowledged Monday that he'd spoken to Mr. Dion about the matter.
“I've made my views very clear to the leader and I think he's communicated that to Mr. Carroll, as far as I know,” he said.

Still, Mr. Ignatieff attempted to down play the controversy, declaring: “Look, I get up in the morning, I show up, I prepare for QP (Question Period), I do my job. We've united the party. All this stuff is kind of tired rehash gossip from a leadership campaign that's over.”

But Montreal MP Denis Coderre, who co-chaired Mr. Ignatieff's leadership campaign, was clearly seething. He called Mr. Carroll's comments “totally misplaced” and “totally unacceptable.”

“There is no clans and I will not accept that anybody from the party who's stating that there's some clans who are plotting right now's not true,” Mr. Coderre said.
He praised Mr. Ignatieff as “a model of dignity, a model of loyalty.”

Mr. Kennedy took a more conciliatory tone, saying that regardless of Mr. Carroll's attitude, he's found Mr. Dion and his leadership team to be mostly welcoming and open.

“I think it's natural for some of the folks that brought Mr. Dion the leadership to feel protective of him,” Mr. Kennedy said in an interview.

“But Mr. Dion himself and by and large his folks have been pretty open to me so that's the main frame of reference I have.”

Some of Mr. Kennedy's leadership supporters were actually more miffed about a weekend report suggesting that Mr. Dion had fired Mr. Kennedy as his special election readiness adviser. In fact, they said Mr. Kennedy quit six weeks ago when it became apparent there would not be an election this spring.

Privately, many senior Liberals were grumbling that Mr. Carroll's distrust of former rivals was reminiscent of the paranoid, bunker mentality that characterized both camps in the leadership civil war between Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin.

The ensuing internal strife ripped the Liberals apart.

Several noted snarkily that Mr. Carroll is supposed to work with all Liberals, including the 83 per cent who didn't vote for Mr. Dion on the first leadership ballot.

Mr. Carroll declined to comment, as did Mr. Rae. A spokesman for Mr. Dion similarly refused comment, other than to insist: “We're all working together as a team, as we've been doing since December.”



is overcoming adversity
Lack of creating it...


May 12, 2007

Pauline La Pas Fine Storms Out of the Gate

Update: The race is over! Duceppe pulled out!

The one thing the sovereignty movement needs like a hole in the head is a bloodbath in the form of a divisive leadership race.

Looking at the polls, this one may be over very quickly, thanks to the emergence of Pauline Marois as the party den mother coming back to take care of her children still licking their wounds from the Boisclair year and a half.

Pauline “Golden Bowl” Marois is back!

A poll this morning not only showed her creaming Duceppe in a leadership race but also creaming Jean Charest and Mario Dumont.

In fact, the poll put Charest 3rd at 21% under a Marois-led PQ.

It is early and we all know what a leadership bump is. However, these numbers will entice PQ voters to get this over with quickly.

As for poor Gilles, this picture is worth 1000 words…

May 10, 2007

Happy Days

Meet my new cousin Luca

He is the latest adorable addition to our family...

We have layed off my cousin Sergio and allowed him to make his first son a bruins fan. He only gets one...

As for my director of communications, Massimo, we finally got a picture with no cell phone

May 8, 2007

Fuddle Duddle Prediction Desk Takes Another Stab

My track record is horrendous but since the PQ needs some coverage from the regions, my best guess is that Abitibi MNA and National Assembly veteran Francois Gendron will be named interim leader if he seeks the job.

As for the future leader, expect a Duceppe coronation…


Caesar is Dead, the Fun Begins!

Friends, Separatists, Quebecois, maybe even Anglos, lend Gilles your imaginations.

As we see Gilles Duceppe come to the podium later today to praise Boisclair, we all know he will be there to bury him.

The sovereigntist movement faces a generational crisis, one which they thought they solved with a bunch of cegep students in Montreal 18 months ago.

As Quebecers grow tired of the usual dance between federalist and sovereigntist, the PQ and the Bloc have major decisions to make.

First of all, they have to decide on a leader who they will not eat alive the second he takes a misstep. If it is Duceppe, the Bloc Quebecois will have an interesting decision to make.

Duceppe will be a good fit in the PQ. Despite being a city guy, he is from the original generation, which in reality, is only a band-aid. He will have more respect in the regions than Boisclair did, and would have a better chance of embarrassing Dumont.

This is the bloc’s opportunity to move into the autonomist territory staked out by the ADQ. It would not surprise me if a more right-wing leader took power. The Bloc has to take Harper as their dancing partner and continue what they do best, oppose.

This is overall good news for the Liberal Party. At worst, the BQ collapses and the Tories and Libs can split the spoils. While not many BQ votes go Liberal, the split with the other parties elects Liberal MPs. The Tories would move to 40 seats in Quebec with no Bloc.

At best, the BQ holds on and keeps the Tories distracted while the Liberals are free to pick up the left wing parts of Quebec while the BQ moves right to accommodate its base.

Quebec is not a socialist bastion. Montreal is. The BQ will have to move. If they can do it successfully, the Liberals have great room for gain. If they do not, the Bloc dies, and we still have that opportunity.

I would prefer the Bloc goes down for the count. The sovereigntist movement is weakened almost fatally at this point. It is best that the federalists have one opponent to worry about. At this point in time, while Dumont is very dangerous, it would not hurt to put the other enemy away for good.

In the meantime, we will watch to see how sincere Gilles’ comments are at 3 o’clock. Caesar is dead, and way too many people are happy about it.


May 7, 2007

Something is Rotten in the State of Sovereignty

I have a feeling this will be a recurring series, but as mentioned in the previous post, the PQ and the BQ have declared war on each other in what can only be described as exciting.

So everybody doesn’t get confused

Cast of characters:
Andre Boisclair….the Queen
Gilles Duceppe…Shining Knight in Separatist Armor…the Prince
Pierre Paquette…Duceppe’s bitch and future Bloc leader…the Wannabe Prince/aka Wench
Abbe Gravel (Gay former prostitute priest and Bloc MP)…the Catholic Church
Yves Michaud…you remember him from the Bouchard political assassination…the undead.

Ok so this is the first part of the saga…

The Queen gets pissed off because the Prince wants the crown. Nobody messes with the Queen’s jewels, so he makes it very public that the Prince should back off. The Prince, or the communist formerly known as Gilles, is much more popular than the Queen, and he makes himself sound like the innocent virgin he isn’t.

The Prince has a posse, and he sends out some of them to mess up the Queen.

First the wench holds a press conference, saying that the Prince is so saintly, he beams innocence, and that he would never say the Queen should abdicate. He also says the Prince is a great guy and very royal material. The wench has no apparent agenda, despite the fact that if the Prince becomes King, the wench becomes Prince…he just thought he should let everybody know that.

The Prince is also very powerful and has the Catholic Church come to his aid as well. The Catholic Church makes sure to give the Queen a good tongue lashing, saying that nobody as saintly as the Prince would ever plot the takeover of the throne. He tells the Queen to get herself to a nunnery, which for this Queen, may actually be his definition of hell.

When that is not enough for the poor Queen, the undead emerges from the sovereigntist crypt to belittle him. He calls the Queen childish, and seeing as the undead is 295 years old next Thursday, the undead knows maturity.

Things are not looking good for the Queen, I sure do hope it doesn’t work out, because like Benoit Pelletier, I think it’s about time we get rid of this monarchy.


May 5, 2007

Justin Trudeau Childishly Calls Separatists Childish

Ok who had 6 days in the pool?

Those of us who were nervous about Justin’s candidacy expressed concern that he sometimes had his father’s arrogance when in his home province, it is no longer welcome.

For those not following the news, the PQ declared war on the Bloc yesterday, and the separatist movement is facing some very difficult challenges. The last thing we Liberals want to do is rouse the distracted giant. Let the separatists defeat themselves.

I don’t know about you guys, but if any party has been whining about how they have been treated the past little while, it’s us. I know, that is unfair…

The provinces, including Quebec, (especially Quebec) have been complaining. Provinces do that. The past four years it was a federalist government in power complaining too. So you know what Justin, complaining that your opponents are complainers isn’t really gonna sit well. Yes the temporary ad hoc rainbow coalition have bitched and not delivered. If that coalition disintegrates, we are not in a good position to recuperate that vote.

Calling separatism mythology is a little much. Saying there is mythology surrounding the separatist movement is fair. In fact there was some separatist mythology taking place this week being perpetuated by Liberals including Justin’s riding neighbour Denis Coderre. The media follows Trudeau everywhere. Every time Justin makes an interesting remark, Stephane Dion will be asked if he agrees.

Let’s not forget Dion voted for the mythology in 1980.

Was the 49.5% Yes vote in 1995 mythical? Was it was a big blue one-legged unicorn called Lucien?

Justin, let’s not give the separatists a common cause in Papineau, next time, say something logical, attack separatist arguments, just don’t insult the people who voted for them in the riding you seek to represent.


May 4, 2007

Doan Responds With Hat Trick Against Belarus

The quote below is from Ted Bird, a radio host at CHOM FM in Montreal.

I agree completely. We are used to Layton being stupid.

What we are not used to is Stephane Dion not being Captain Canada and calling out the Bloc in its clear ethnic nationalist tirade against Hockey Canada, perpetuating a myth that this player insulted francophones. By perpetuating this myth, Dion and Layton increase the divide between English and French Canada FOR PARTISAN REASONS. Disgusting.

As for Denis Coderre, he is clearly more concerned with the positive media coverage he is receiving by a Quebec media that “never met an Anglophone bogeyman they didn't like to fabricate.” Coderre just took a page from the Mario Dumont Adequiste playbook and played it to perfection. I am personally disgusted. The reason I blame him is because he made the political issue out of it a while ago. With a lawsuit pending, I doubt he can comment...

Shame on the both of you. You all clearly lack the leadership Shane Doan has so ably displayed on the ice.

A very smart man once told me. “Quebec is not ready yet for civic nationalism. They will be, but they have been fighting for too long to understand right now.” I am now beginning to believe him.

Here is Ted Bird’s Quote

It is the height of hypocrisy when a group whose founding doctrine is based in ethnic nationalism accuses someone else of racism, but when they use the House of Commons as a backdrop for slander, it moves beyond mere hypocrisy and becomes abuse of parliamentary privilege. The Bloc Quebecois' hysterical demands for the federal government to have Shane Doan stripped of the captaincy of the Canadian team at the world hockey championships is political grandstanding at its most repugnant, made all the more despicable by the sorry spectacle of NDP and Liberal leaders Jack Layton and Stephane Dion jumping on the anti-Doan bandwagon. While it's no surprise to see a shameless opportunist like Layton pile on, Dion's lack of judgment is hugely disappointing for an erstwhile man of honor who now seems to be marching to the drum of Liberal advisors for whom appeasing Quebec sensibilities trumps political integrity every time. It comes down to this: there is not a shred of credible evidence to back claims that Doan made an anti-francophone slur against on-ice officials during an NHL game two seasons ago. The credible evidence is to the contrary. The league investigated the allegations and dismissed them, yet the opposition parties are using their parliamentary immunity from libel to perpetuate a myth, aided and abetted by a francophone media that never met an Anglophone bogeyman they didn't like to fabricate. To Doan's credit, he stood in front of the cameras and microphones yesterday and weathered the storm, defending his honor in a strong but mature and measured tone and allowing his teammates to get on with the business of preparing for a crucial game today against Slovakia. Doan's poise and courage under fire is a noble and ironic demonstration of the quality his political detractors so conspicuously lack: leadership.


May 3, 2007

Denis Coderre and the Bloc Need a New Hobby

Seriously, what the f@#$ is wrong with Denis Coderre, the BQ, Joke Layton and all the other people who want to criticize Hockey Canada for picking the best player as their captain?

Did Doan make disparaging remarks towards French Canadians? One linesman heard that. The league investigated. The league concluded Doan made no such remarks. Does Hockey Canada have to affect the way they build a team because of an allegation?

Innocent til proven guilty Denis. You would figure after all the shit people throw Coderre’s way, he would be the first one to accept this, but I digress…

So Denis, BQ, Joke et al, until I see you guys calling for the CBC to fire Don Cherry for all the racist shit he has said over the years, keep your traps shut, and let the kids play hockey.

If opposition MPs keep wasting their time on this, then Stephen Harper can continue to do whatever he wants…maybe THAT should become their new hobby…


May 2, 2007

Typical Tory Character Assassination

Apparently, is such a big hit, that the Whining Tories are already attacking my favorite anonymous internet geek Marc Gendron for, gasp, being a Liberal!

Any Liberal who makes a website is immediately a terrible person! (It is the Blogging Tories' Law of Cherniak!)

All they did was google Marc’s name. Those Tories sure know how to play detective.

Then they invented a theory that Marc was trying to keep it a secret, despite the fact that he freely admits he created it on Facebook.

We all know Marc Gendron is an internet genius. He made the Michael Ignatieff website, by far the best of the leadership sites. He has made countless others. And I am sure my favorite anonymous internet geek will strike again!


Because the Tories are already trying to assassinate his character.

May 1, 2007


Perhaps I may have cried wolf one too many times.

However, if someone is responsible for outreach, and the only thing they reach for is doughnuts, it is not a very good thing.

If the man responsible for outreach is eating ice cream between 3rd and 4th ballots, it is also not a very good thing.

If the Gatineau region goes from 3 seats to 1 because said outreach person keeps talking behind people’s backs, it is definitely not a good thing.

If someone is known for their laziness by their colleagues, and does not really have any authority over their fellow caucus members, it is seriously not a good thing.

Stephane, please do not make this guy Quebec Lieutenant.


The Gong Show continues!

Seems a disgruntled internet geek from Montreal (I wont mention names) thought it would be fun to mock the government’s eco-action website.

I think it is outright hilarious…navigate the entire site for great laughs. Every article has its own twist of satiric humor…

My favorite remains…

When asked how the Green Plan made him look good, Baird vaunted the benefits of his new light bulb initiative. “With these new lightbulbs, I can buy 4 more green ties a year. They look fantastic. Aren’t I fabulous?”

A close second…

“I think you can definitely see the progress this plan has over the last one. If one thing is for sure, it is that Canada’s New Government will head further down the path they have set out.”

Former environment minister Ona Rambrose

Good Job anonymous internet geek