February 12, 2009

Waiting on Stephen Harper to Condemn Coup d’Etat Attempt in Israel

Something really evil is happening in Israel.

Tzipi Livni won the Israeli election.

Benjamin Netanyahu, you may remember he marked my first day at Concordia with a little pizzazz, has come in second in the Israeli election.

However, he is claiming victory and is trying to reverse the election results.

Bibi is trying to form government with the 3rd party in Parliament, best known for wanting to secede Galilee from the rest of Israel so they can give it to the Arabs.

The fact Bibi wants to negotiate with these separatists is an act of treason.

When is Stephen Harper going to tell Benjamin Netanyahu that his madness has to end?


February 10, 2009

February 3, 2009

Sandbox Politics...

The number one rule in young Liberal politics is dont get caught...

I hear Krista is actually a nice girl...unfortnately, being nice is probably what allowed her to get caught...

Last night, Krista Balsom resigned as President of the Ontario Young Liberals

Only in the Liberal party can you run unopposed and lose anyway

Update: 11AM

It is confirmed that Denise Brunsdon has resigned her YLC post leading up to her impeachment hearing which would have been held tomorrow.